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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Today in this 2005 Dodge Caravan, we're going to install the Tow Ready T1 Connector product number 118300. First, we'll need to gain access to the rear cargo area. We're going to remove the two hold-down fasteners for the driver's side tail light and then repeat the same process on the passenger's side. Once you remove the fasteners, gently swing the tail light out and away from the vehicle, careful not to break out the forward mounting tab. Now we can go ahead and disconnect the wiring from the tail light. We'll unlock the red locking tab by pushing it forward and then press on the connector locking tab and remove it from the tail light.

Those are red locking tab and our connector locking tab. We'll go ahead and set my tail light aside. We're going to go ahead and remove the rubber grommet that hold the wiring in behind the tail light. This will expose our access hole to feed our wire through. Now, I'm going to go ahead and go inside the vehicle.

We're going to remove the jack storage compartment door. Next, we'll remove the rear threshold simply just prying underneath right next to the fasteners so that they'll release from the sheet metal. Then we're going to pick up in the center of the threshold and flex it downward to release the side locking tab to the corner trim pieces. Set the threshold aside for reinstallation later. Now we can go ahead and pull back the corner trim pieces.

To do this, we'll simply get behind the plastic, and again, locate the fastener and pry it out so that it will release from the sheet metal. Now we're going to take our new 4-pole Tow Ready Connector and feed it in behind the trim panel and out to the jack storage compartment. Next, we'll take our yellow and brown wire connector and feed it in behind the driver's side tail light. Now so that we can reinstall our grommet, we're going to take a pair of side cutters and cut the rubber grommet, feed our new wire into the grommet, and then reinstall it. Now you'll see our new Tow Ready Connector will match up with the manufacturers so we can plug it in line with the manufacturer's wiring.

Then the other end of our plug will go into the tail light. Put our connector into the socket of the tail light and then lockdown the red locking tab. Now we can reinstall the driver's side tail light. That completes the install on the driver's side. Now what we need to do is route our white and green wire over to the passenger's side and make the same connection. On the passengers' side because this vehicle is equipped with the AC system in the rear of the vehicle makes it a little more difficult to access the wiring and feed it in behind the tail light. So I'm going to use a piece of airline tubing or a fishwire, I'm going to feed it in behind the tail light and pull it out so that I can make a connection with my wire and pull it into place. I'm just using some black tape to take my connector and tape it off to my tubing so I can pull it in behind the tail light. Here are the passenger's side, we got one more point of interest. The white wire with a ring terminal attached is our ground wire. We're going to go ahead and mount that here directly to the sheet metal behind the tail light. Using the self-tapping screw provided in our install kit, we can run it directly into the sheet metal. With our ground connection made we'll go ahead and reinstall the passenger's side tail light. We'll go ahead and make our final connections and reinstall the passenger's side and tail light. Ok, now we can go ahead and clean up our wiring and reinstall our trim panels. A quick tech tip, here about underneath the threshold there is a couple of plastic fasteners. You simply pry the plastic fastener up, you can route the wire underneath the carpeting. Then when you reinstall the threshold the wire will not get into your way. With our wiring installed lets go ahead and show you how to use it. Simply take our 4 pole connector, route out to our trailer or accessory, we'll close the door on the wiring. The weather seal is thick enough that it won't harm the wire but do stay away from the latch as closing in the latch could damage the wire. Then once you're completed using your 4-pole connector, take your wire, we'll roll it up, store it here in the jack storage compartment and that completes the install of our tow-ready t1 connector Part no: 118300 on a 25 Dodge Caravan.

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