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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2004 Nissan Murano

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2004 Nissan Murano

Today on our 2004 Nissan Murano well be installing the Curt T-connector vehicle wiring harness with 4-pole flat connector, part number 55571. To begin our install, well first need to go ahead and remove some interior trim components. Starting with the floorboard quarter panels, well then pull up on them and then remove them setting them aside for reinstallation later. Next well go ahead and raise the spare tire cover and remove the cargo tray. Next well go ahead and remove the rear threshold. To remove the rear threshold, well remove the three fasteners that secure it, and then using our flat-bladed screwdriver or an interior trim panel tool we can get underneath of it, simply pry it up releasing the fasteners underneath.

Well also need to remove the lower plastic cargo trays on each side. To remove these youll need to remove the two fasteners. Note: It can be easier to remove these if you remove the cargo hook which is secured with one fastener, and the handle bezel that goes around the rear seat handle release. Now that were able to pull the carpeting back on each side, itll make it easier to pull these cargo trays out. Once we get the cargo tray out well set it aside.

And with the carpeting pulled back, we can gain access to the taillight wiring where we will be making our connections. Starting here on the drivers side, well now locate the taillight wiring. We can see it here. Its the white connector thats got some foam wrapped around the socket side of the connector. To separate these two connections points well press on the locking tab and then pull them apart.

Now we can take our new t-connector harness, and this will be the yellow, red, and brown wire connector and plug in line with the matching connectors from the manufacturers wiring plugging in to the socket side and then the taillight connector side. Next well need to connect our power wire. On this application, the manufacturer has a port back here which is just under the threshold on the drivers side. Well cut the port free and plug into it. Now well go ahead and take the white wire coming from our converter box which has a pre-attached ring terminal and will be the ground connection for our converter box.

Using the self-tapping screw provided with our install kit well go ahead and secure it to the body of the vehicle. Choose a location where the sheet metal doubles up for a thicker better connection. Here on the drivers side behind the carpeting is a perfect location where the sheet metal doubles up. Well go ahead and take the green wire and t-connector, follow the manufacturers wiring over to the passenger side and repeat the same process of making this connection. Well press in the locking tab and split the two manufacturers connection points and plug in line with the matching connectors from the manufacturers wiring plugging into the socket side and then the taillight connector side, tuck our wiring back in behind the carpeting, and then secure it as we route back over to the drivers side using the zip ties provided with our install kit. Now that were on the drivers side, well need to mount the converter box. To mount the converter box well use a two-way adhesive provided with the install kit. Well take the two-way adhesive, peel back the cover from one side and adhere it to the converter box. Then well go ahead and remove the adhesive from the other side and attach the converter box here on the drivers side below the taillight assembly. When connecting a converter box to the vehicle youll want to make sure you have a clean flat surface to adhere to preferably sheet metal. Now with that done, Ill go ahead and take the remaining zip ties and secure the remaining wiring. And with that done were now ready to go ahead and reinstall the interior trim components. As we do so, well route the four-pole to the center of the vehicle into the spare tire well. All right, now with everything reinstalled well need to move to the engine compartment. Here well go ahead and locate the fuse box located next to the battery. Well need to remove the cover. To remove the cover well press on the locking tab and lift it up towards the windshield. Now with the cover removed well locate the t/tow fuse point which currently has a 30 amp fuse installed. Well remove this 30 amp fuse and install the 10 amp fuse provided with our installation kit. Well go ahead and replace the cover and close the hood. Well move back to our 4-pole assembly where we can go ahead and test and run the operation of the 4-pole. To test our new 4-pole well go ahead and simply use a test light. Well ground it to the open post which will be the ground for our 4-pole connecter, and then test each connection point for running, turn signal, and brake lights. And now with that done when preparing to use our new 4-pole connector well simply route it out of the spare tire well and down to the hitch or accessory being careful to stay away from the latch as pinching the wire in the latch can harm it; however, the weather stripping is thick enough that we can simply close the rear cargo door on it. Then once were finished well go ahead an open up the latch, raise the spare tire cover, and store it down in the spare tire well. And there you have it for our install of the Curt T-connector vehicle wiring harness with 4-pole flat connector, part number 55571 on our 2004 Nissan Murano.

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