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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2003 Jeep Liberty

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2003 Jeep Liberty

Today on our 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport, we'll be installing part number 118524 from Tow Ready. This is the T-One ModuLite Wiring Harness. To begin our test fit, we'll need to open the rear glass and tail gate to access the screws that hold the tail lights in place. There are two T20 torqued screws on either tail light. We'll remove the screws and carefully pry the tail light housing rear work away from the vehicle and being careful not to break the alignment tabs. And then we can access the black housings that match the housing on the T-connector.

We'll slide the red locking tab on the harness connector to the long lock position and disconnect the wire harness from both tail light sockets. Now that our tail lights are removed, we'll begin here on the driver's side and plug the T-connector harness containing the yellow wire in between the vehicle's mating connectors and slide the red locking tab into the locked position. We can now route the harness containing the green wire and the four flat down to the opening behind the tail light on the driver's side. We'll route the four flat harness to the center of the vehicle here at the hitch. We can then route the harness containing the green wire underneath the vehicle and up through the opening behind the passenger's side tail light.

With our connection made here at the passenger's side, we can go ahead and reinstall our tail light. Now, we'll move back over here to the driver's side where we'll need to make the connection for our battery positive terminal lead. We'll take the black wire included with the kit and run it up from underneath the vehicle the same way as the 4-pole wire and the green wire will run. Lift it up here in the tail light. We'll use a yellow butt connector to connect the red lead from the ModuLite box to the black wire.

We'll go ahead and tape it up with some electrical tape to further protect the connection. The white wire here with the ring terminal on the end of it is our ground. We'll use the included self-tapping screw to ground it to the body of the vehicle. We'll need to mount our module box. Now, the module box comes with a piece of two-sided tape already adhered to the box itself.

We'll need to find a suitable location for our converter box. Now that we've mounted the converter box, we'll now move underneath the vehicle where we'll route our black wire through the vehicle frame, avoiding any moving components like suspension or hot components like exhaust. Up here in the engine compartment, we'll continue routing up towards our battery. We'll cut the excess black wire where we can now attach our fusible link. We'll simply cut the fusible link in two, strip the insulation off. We can attach it to the yellow butt connector on the other side of the black wire. Now on the other side of our fusible link, we'll attach our yellow ring terminal. With that done, we can make our battery connection here at the positive battery post. Now, in this case, the bolt for our connection is much smaller than our ring terminal. We'll go ahead and cut a chunk of the ring terminal out, feed it around the bolt and clamp it down, making the ring terminal the correct size for the bolt. We can then go ahead and tighten down the nut, securing it to the positive battery terminal. With that completed, we can now install our 15-inch fuse included with the kit, which will complete our installation of the Tow Ready T-One Connector, part number 118524, on our 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport.

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