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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2001 Toyota Tundra

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2001 Toyota Tundra

Today on our 2001 Toyota Tundra well be installing the Tow Ready T1 connector, part number 118378. First well need to go ahead and open up the hood to the engine compartment. Well remove the negative battery cable, disconnecting the vehicles electrical system. Were going to go ahead and use the Power Dome LT, part number WC2464 jump box. We can maintain electrical system current so that we dont lose any of the preset functions of the vehicle. To do this well plug the black wire onto the negative battery cable as we remove from the battery, or a ground of the vehicle as seen here on the fender, and then the red clamp well route to the positive battery terminal, or cable as we remove it from the battery.

This will allow us to keep current in the vehicle, again so we dont lose any of the preset stations of our radio or computer control systems. With the positive battery terminal out of the way, well go ahead and remove the battery hold down. Well go ahead and remove the fastener from one end, loosen the fastener on the other and then rotate the hold down out of the way. Now well go ahead and remove the battery from the vehicle and set it aside for reinstallation later. With the battery out of the way we can see the grey plug, or terminal here up against the fender well.

Well need to remove the cap. Pressing on the locking tab, well remove the cap from the terminal connector. Then we can take our new Tow Ready connector and plug in line with the manufacturers wiring. Well route it out of the way and now were ready to go ahead and start reinstalling the battery. As we reinstall the battery well remove the jump box cables after we reconnect the battery cables to the battery terminals.

Well now go ahead and remove the nut of the positive battery terminal post so that we can attach the Tow Ready harness ring terminal directly to the positive battery cable. With the nut removed well go ahead and install the new ring terminal and then resecure it with the nut. Next well go ahead and take some zip ties and secure our wiring. Note, we will not install the fuse in the fuse holder until we complete installing all of the electrical components. Our next step well get underneath the rear of the vehicle, locate the manufacturers tow terminal here on the drivers side, near the bumper.

Once again, well need to remove the terminal cap. Pressing on the locking tab we can go ahead and remove the cap and wiring from its secured location. As you can see it matches up with our Tow Ready connector. Now well go ahead and route our wiring through the rear frame channel over to the plug, make our connection and route the four pole connector down to the hitch. Next well need to secure the converter box for our wiring. To do this well peel back the two-way adhesive and adhere it to a clean flat surface. Next we can go ahead and secure our wiring with the black zip ties provided with our install kit. No we can go ahead and install the fuse into our fuse holder. With the cap on the fuse holder that will complete the install of our Tow Ready T1 connector, part number 118378 on our 2001 Toyota Tundra.

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