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Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2000 Jeep Wrangler

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How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler

Today in this 2000 Jeep Wrangler we are going to install a Tow Ready T1 Connector, product number 118409. We'll also be using Tow Ready 4-Flat Connector Mounting Bracket, product number 118144. First, we need to access the vehicle's manufacturer wiring. To do that we're going to remove a push pin underneath the tail light wiring that will give us access to the manufacturer's wiring. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process in the passenger side. As you can see, we now have access to the manufacturer's wire and we'll follow the lead that goes to the back of the tail light.

And that will be our confirmation this is the connector that we need to access. We'll go ahead and peel back the foam that surrounds the connector, press on the locking tab, and pull the two connectors apart. With our manufacturer's connection separated, we'll go ahead and take our new Tow Ready T1 Connector and plug it in line with the manufacturer's. We've got to make sure you push them together firmly. And we give them a little tug just to make sure they lock together.

With our connection made we're going to go ahead and take our white wire with the ring terminal and our self-tapping screw and mount it straight to the sheet metal underneath the tail light and this is our ground wire. With our wires mounted on the passenger's side we can now route the yellow and brown wire over to the driver's side and make our connections there, just as we did on the passenger's side. Now what we're going to do is take a piece of tubing, you can use a piece of wire or anything that we could use to fish our wire. I'm just going to use some black electrical tape and attach the brown and yellow wire connector to my pole tubing so I can pull it across to the driver's side. While we zip tie off our wire for a new 4-pole lead I'm going to install our 4-Flat Connector Mounting Bracket using the supplied hardware.

With our bracket installed in the hitch we continue routing our wire. With our connections made here on the passenger's side, we can now take our 4-pole connector and route it to the center of the hitch, and our yellow and brown wire and route it over to the driver's side. When routing your wire you want to be mindful of a couple of things. One, you want to stay away from moving parts such as suspension or excessive heat such as exhaust. I'm just going my wire using several zip ties Zip tie it off to the back of the hitch as we take it over to the driver side.

I'll go ahead and take our new 4-pole and put it through the bracket. With my 4-pole secured in the bracket, we can go ahead and make our connection on the driver's side with our yellow and brown wire. Now I'll take our Tow Ready T1 Connector and plug it in line with the manufacturer's just as we did on the passenger's side. Now we can go ahead and finish securing our wire and reinstalling the inner fender walls. Now I'll just go ahead and clip off the ends of my zip ties, clean up the look of it. And that completes the install of our Tow Ready T1 Connector, product number 118409 and Tow Ready 4-Flat Connector Mounting Bracket, product number 118144.

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