Trailer Valet Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover Review

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Review of the Trailer Valet Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover

Today on our trailer we're going to be installing, the Trailer Valet Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover, part number stc-v211. This is a heavy-duty jack with an integrated drive function that replaces an old and ordinary jack, to allow you to move your trailer into positions or tight parking spaces. With the trailer jacks integrated drive function, will let you easily raise, lower, or move the trailer. It has a chain drive system that is easy to use by the crank handle.The automatic brake helps keep the trailer from rolling once into place. The rugged steel construction with silver-powder coat and zinc-nickel plating resist rust and corrosion. It'll fit trailer frames from 2-3/4 inches wide to 6 inches tall.

It has a lift capacity of 15 inches, and when retracted is at 9 inches, full extended 24 inches. It has a trailer tongue capacity of 500 pounds and a gear ratio on the drive system, in high speed is 5 to 1, and low speed is 14 to 1.Being our install we're going to start with the jack mounting plate. Now, here on the drivers side theres not enough room with the breakaway box battery in the way, so we're going to move it over to the passengers side. Now to secure the bracket, we use the four bolt, flat washer, split -lock washer and nuts, along with the bracket that will go on the back side of the frame. Let's go ahead and mount the bracket.

Slide the top two bolts through first to help hold it against the frame.Then I can put my bracket on the back side. Securing each one, we have the flat washer, split-lock washer, and then the nut. Note, the bracket could be mounted in the rise or drop position. We've got a lower sitting trailer, so we're going to mount it in the drop position. Now with the two top bolts in place, we can go ahead and repeat the same process with the two bottom ones.

Then we can ratchet it down, and as we ratchet it down we want to make sure we tighten down the hardware evenly, from top to bottom.Now because we're going to mount our on the passenger side, we need to rotate the shaft and then repin it. Next we'll go ahead put it on to the mounting bracket, using the pin and clip provided. Then Ill take my bolt, it will go through the bottom of the bracket and into the jack shaft plate. Here I can thread it in and tighten it down. Now with our mount in we'll go ahead and take the pin out, use the top crank handle rotate it down, and pick up the trailer.Now with our trailer valet mounted we can use our low speed grear or high speed gear to move our trailer into position.

Here we have the crank handle, you'll see it has a pre-drilled hole to fit the D10 00:03:32 in the gear. Once we start moving we'll keep the steering handle up, because in the down we're in a locked position, activating the brake function in the trailer valet. We'll pull the handle up. Now as you can see we're in our slow speed and can rotate our trailer around tight corners. Now if youre on flat level ground possibly with an unloaded trailer, you can switch to the high speed. Here we can go ahead and simulate using our valet brake. There you have it for the Trailer Valet, Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover, part number stc-v211 on our enclosed trailer. .

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Donna M.

You guys have the coolest stuff and always love your videos 77844

Reply from Chris R.

Thanks for the kind words! 63371

Evan S.

Hello There!I just purchased a two horse trailer from the mid-70s great condition. im converting the trailer so i wont be using it for horses. Id love something like this especially for small spaces. Hopefully this product or something like it would be sufficient. Hope to hear from you soon! 44698

Reply from Heather A.

This trailer valet part # STC-V211 should work well for your horse trailer as long as the tongue weight for the trailer is not more than 500 lbs. The easy to use heavy duty brackets clamp to a trailer frame up to 2-3/4" wide x 6" tall. A drill attachment part # TVDA can be added to power the drive with a cordless drill. The trailer valet does feature an automatic brake but it is still a good idea to use wheel chocks such as part # FT11930MI. 42140

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