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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2013 Honda Fit - Draw-Tite

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How to Install the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch on a 2013 Honda Fit

Speaker 1: Today on our 2013 Honda Fit, we're gonna be installing the draw tight support frame trailer hitch, part number 24826.So with our hitch installed, this is what it's gonna look like. It's a smaller hitch, so it hides well. But it is gonna be below the vehicle, and it is gonna be noticeable. It has a square tube design that's gonna be rigid, and also look nice. It's custom designed for your Honda Fit. It's gonna curve right around your exhaust, and bolt right up without any drilling or welding required.It's a Class 1 hitch with a 1 and 1/4 inch receiving tube.

It uses a half inch hitch pin. It has a reinforced plate on top for extra durability, and a loop style safety chain holder. It has extra large holes here, so it'll work with several types of safety chains of various sizes. It has a black powder coat finish that's gonna look great, and be rust and corrosion resistant.It's gonna have a tongue weight of 200 pounds, and that's the pressure going down at the end of your receiver. And a gross trailer weight of 2,000 pounds, and that's the towing capacity that it can haul behind it.Now in helping you choose accessories for your Class 1 hitch, we're gonna give you some measurements.

From the center of the hitch pin hole to the back edge of the bumper, it's gonna be about 1 and 1/2 inches. Now from the top inside edge of the receiving tube to the ground, it's gonna be about 9 and 3/4 inches. It comes with all the hardware you need to get it installed. Let's show you how to do that now.To begin our installation, we need to make a few preparations on the vehicle. We're gonna start by removing this tab and trimming out some of this panel, so our hitch will sit flushly against the frame.

To remove the tab here, you can use a screwdriver or this is a body panel remover tool. Once you pop the middle out, then the rest of the tab will come out, and now we can trim this out of the way.We can use a pair of tin snips here, and we're just gonna trim along the edge, and now our hitch will be able to sit flush on the frame. If you have any unsightly trimmings, you can just take a razor knife to go in there and clean that up. It's not necessary, but it will make it a lot easier if you lower the exhaust a little bit. So we're gonna go ahead and drop it out of the way.

We're gonna put a support strap in place for when we lower the exhaust, to keep it from . preventing any damage. Now we need to take the hangers off the exhaust here. You can use some silicone lubricant so it can slide off easier, and then just using a pry bar or similar tool, just press your hangers off it. That'll give us a lot more room.Now that we've got our exhaust out of the way and our panel trimmed, we can prepare to install our hardware. Now our spacers aren't gonna fit, so we're gonna need to add a little key hole right here. So you can just use a file to slot this out. And now we'll repeat this on the other side. Now we need to feed our hardware in. To start, you're gonna take your coiled wire, feed it into the hole that you just keyed. We're gonna go back to the large hole here. It can help to use your finger, like a pinky, to catch the coiled end and help bring it back down.To feed our hardware in, we're gonna use the coiled wire provided, we're gonna start at the smaller hole towards the front of the vehicle, feed the coiled end in, and feed it down through the hole. I like to bend the end here a little bit, just to keep the wire from falling back through the hole on us. Now we'll take our spacer, feed it over the coiled end, slide it up into place, take our carriage bolt, thread it onto the coil then, and pull that back through.Now we're gonna put our hardware in for our keyed hole. You'll take the coiled end, put your spacer over it, thread your bolt into the coiled end, push the bolt up, and feed your spacer up in, and then pull it back down. Now we'll repeat this same step on our passenger side. Now that we've got all our hardware in place, this is a good time to put your exhaust back up 'cause it'll get in the way when putting your hitch up.Now with an extra pair of hands, we're gonna help lift our hitch into place. You just start by feeding the wire through your hardware, through your holes in your hitch. Once you've got it fed through, you'll need to install the passenger side first, by lifting it around the exhaust. Once you've got that side lifted up, then your passenger side should lift right into place. Once you've lifted up into place, you wanna go ahead and get a bolt started, so that way it'll hold it up there.You'll start with a conical tooth washer with the teeth facing up, followed by a nut. Once you've got one in place on both sides, the hitch should hold itself better. With it now supported, go ahead and pull your wire off and reinstall the rest of your hardware. With all the hardware in place, we can go back and tighten it all up. Now we're gonna go back and torque all of our hardware for the specifications in our instructions. You'll use an 11/16 inch socket to tighten them down.And that completes our installation of the draw tight support frame trailer hitch, on our 2012 Honda Fit.

David N.


Hi, Do you have any installation videos for a 2" Ecohitch on a 2011 honda fit? Thanks,

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


We haven't had a chance to install the EcoHitch # 306-X7286, so unfortunately we don't yet have a video available. As soon as we do though we'll definitely have it up on our site.

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