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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2018 Ford Fusion - Draw-Tite

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2018 Ford Fusion

Speaker 1: Today in this 2018 Ford Fusion, we'll be having a look at, and showing you how to install, the Draw-Tite Class 1 Trailer Hitch Receiver. Part number 24897.Here's what our hitch looks like installed. One thing you'll notice as you're standing behind the vehicle, this hitch is actually fairly well-hidden underneath it. The only part you really see is the inch and a quarter receiver hanging down on itself.Now, one question many of our customers have asked us in the past is that they're using a bike rack or a cargo carrier on their hitch, if their vehicle's equipped with back-up sensors, will it interfere with the sensors. The answer is yes. When you're backing up your vehicle with something on the hitch, and it's in front of the sensors, you will have the alarm going off at all times, but as soon as you put the vehicle in drive and you start driving away normally, the alarm will go off, and you'll have no warning messages on the dash, either.On the side of our receiver, you'll find our industry standard half inch diameter hitch pinhole.

You can use a pin and clip available separately on our website, it's part number PC2, to help secure any of your hitch-mounted accessories. Welded on the bottom of our receiver is our rolled steel safety chain loops. And what's nice about these is that even if you have a large safety chain hook like this one on your trailer, you can still easily hook up to it without any problems.This hitch features a maximum towing weight rating of 200 pounds and that's the amount forcing down. It also features a 2000 pound inaudible 00:01:31 rating which is the amount it can pull. As always you want to make sure you consult with the owner's manual of your fusion and not exceed what the vehicle is rated for.

Go by whichever number's less.Now for a few measurements to better assist you in choosing any hitch mount and accessories. Such as a bike rack, or cargo carrier. You're looking at about nine and a half inches from the ground to the top of the receiver opening. And about three inches from the center of the hitch gun hole to the rear most part of the back bumper.Now that we've gone over some features I'll show you how to get it installed and how easy it really is. To begin your install we're going to begin working underneath the back bumper, there's an appearance panel that we need to remove.

Now in order to get this panel down where it meets our fascia, weld six, seven millimeter fasteners just like this one. Three on each side, and one plastic push pin fastener on each side as well. The way these plastic push pin fasteners work, there's a center section. You use a flat head screw driver or a trim handle tool, get underneath it and pull out the center section and then pull out the entire fastener.Now we'll have four fasteners just like this closer to our muffler. They are 10 millimeter plastic nuts.

Two in the middle, and one on each side. Now we can grab this panel, pull it down and out of the vehicle.If we have a look up at our frame reel, we'll be utilizing two holes. We use this large oval one here for our rear attachment point. And this one here in the front for our front. We go through our front hole first with our pull wire. And we'll come out that larger hole. Place one of our blocks on the wire, stick it inside the frame reel. And we'll thread on our carriage bolt. And we'll insert that in the frame reel. And we'll pull the bolt down through the hole. And we have our pull wire.Now we'll take our wire, and place our block on, thread our carriage bolt on. And we'll do what's called a reverse pull wire technique. Stick our bolt in first, place our block inside, pull the bolt through, move the wire and we'll do the exact same thing on the other side of the vehicle.Now with an extra set of hands, we'll take our hitch and raise it in position. Now our hitch will be secured in place with a inaudible 00:04:26 tooth washer and a nut. The teeth in the washer will face up towards the hitch and then we can thread our nut on. Now we can tighten down our hardware using an 11/16 socket.Now we use a torque wrench to torque all of our hardware to mount specified instructions. Now for our appearance panel, we have the option of trimming it and reinstalling it, or leaving it off. If you choose to trim it, you need to cut off the corners on each side right here, where the stud comes through for the nut that holds it in place. The owner of this vehicle doesn't want us to cut it. He wants us to leave it off, so that's what we're going to be doing.And now to complete our look at, and showing you how to install the draw tight class 1 trailer hitch receiver part number 24897 on this 2018 Ford Fusion.

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