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Curt Trailer Hitch Installation - 2016 Ford Transit Connect

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How to Install the Curt Trailer Hitch on a 2016 Ford Transit Connect

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 Ford Transit Connect we're going to take a look at and show you how to install the CURT custom fit Class 3 trailer hitch receiver. This offers the 2" by 2" receiver tube opening. Its part number is C13167.Now here's what the hitch is going to look like installed. You'll see our crosstube's going to come over from our frame plates. That's where it goes up and connects. Meets here in the middle at our receiver tube opening.

Now this is a Class 3 hitch so we've got the 2" by 2" opening here. That's going to be finished off with a nice reinforcement collar there. You can see it's flush. It's just about even with the outside of the bumper, maybe an 1/8" off or so. But I don't think you're going to have to worry about knocking into it or running into it, anything like that.

We've got plate-style safety chain connection points here. You'll see this leading edge is pretty thin, so no matter whether you want to use a larger or smaller safety chain hook, shouldn't have any issues getting that to operate. You'll see our 5/8 diameter pin hole here on the side. That's going to be what you'll use to secure all of your items in place.There's a good amount of room around there, so even if you're using one of the anti-rattle devices, you shouldn't have any problem getting that connected. Now with this being a Class 3 hitch, it makes it extremely versatile.

Whether you want to use a ball mount, bike rack, cargo carrier, or really any other type of hitch accessory that they make, it's probably going to be available in the Class 3, since it is so popular.Now as far as weight ratings are concerned, the hitch offers a 525 pound tongue weight rating. That's the maximum downward force that you can put here at the receiver tube opening. It gives you a 3,500 pound gross trailer weight rating. That would be the total weight of your trailer and anything that you load up on it. When switching over to a weight distribution setup, your tongue weight rating's going to stay the same at 525.

That trailer weight rating's going to go up to 4,000 pounds. You will definitely want to consult the owner's manual on the Transit, though, see what its tow rating is, and be sure not to exceed that.Now a few measurements you'll find helpful when it comes time to select your ball mount, bike rack, or hitch cargo carrier will be from the ground to the inside top edge of our receiver tube opening we have about 12". Then from the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of our bumper it's about 1". Now with our hitch being a little bit lower than some, we would recommend the use of items with a raised shank just to give you better ground clearance at the back.Now to begin our installation we're going to be placing carriage bolts and spacer blocks in four locations. Now the rear attachment point is going to be the oblong hole right here. This is where we'll place our 1/2" carriage bolt with the larger spacer block. Then if we move forward on the frame, go to right here, this is where we're going to use the 7/16" carriage bolt with the smaller spacer block. You want to take the smaller pull wire, place your smaller spacer block on, then we're going to thread our 7/16 bolt in. We're going to place the bolt up through the hole. Might have to wiggle it a little bit. You can see it's just a little bit too tight there. There it goes. Then our spacer block. You just need to pull down on it just like that. Now we'll pull that pull wire off. We can move to our rear hole location.Now we're going to take our 1/2" pull wire. That's going to go up through the hole and we'll guide it forward out of the larger square hole. Once that comes out, we'll put on our larger spacer block and we can thread on our 1/2" carriage bolt. We'll draw those through just like that. Now head to the passenger side and repeat that exact same process.Now with the help of an extra set of hands we'll get our hitch lifted into position. Just want to guide our carriage bolts down through our elongated holes there. Of course you want to be careful not to push these back up in. With that in position, we're going to add a 1/2" flange nut to the 1/2" bolt and a 7/16 to the 7/16" bolt. Now we'll just leave these hand tight on both sides for now. Now you just want to take a quick look with your hitch still a little bit loose to make sure you've got it centered on your vehicle. With that lined up, we'll start snugging down our fasteners.Now for the forward bolt location you can use an 18mm and 11/16. For the rear, a 19 or 3/4. Now we'll go through and we're going to torque all the fasteners down to the specifications in your instructions. With everything torqued down properly, that completes our installation of the CURT custom fit Class 3 trailer hitch receiver, part number C13167, on our 2016 Ford Transit Connect.

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