Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Installation - 2016 BMW 5 Series

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How to Install the Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch on a 2016 BMW 5 Series

Speaker 1: Today on our 2016 BMW five series, we're gonna take a look at and show you how to install the Draw Tite sports frame custom fit class one trailer hitch receiver. Offering the inch and a quarter by inch and a quarter receiver tube opening, its part number is 24936.Now, here's what the hitch is gonna look like installed on your five series. As you can see, you're not really changing the cosmetics of the rear of the vehicle very much. I kind of liked that aspect. We're just gonna have the receive tube opening and safety chain connection points. Everything else is gonna be up here behind the bumper.

Five series is a very nice looking car. You certainly don't want to have a big hitch bracket or hitch cross tube across the back. So, I think it's nice.Now, with this being a class one hitch, it has the inch and a quarter by the inch and a quarter receiver tube opening. It's gonna work out really well for two bike racks or smaller cargo carriers, things of that nature.See, we can do have safety chain connection points as well, if you plan on hauling a smaller trailer or something like that. Should be no problem getting your hooks connected.

Also, if you need a support strap or something like that, maybe for a cargo carrier or a bike rack, those are gonna work out well for that, as well.See, to secure any items you put in your hitch, you want to use a half inch diameter pin. You want to be sure it's rated for class one use. As you can see, there's plenty of room there, so if you wanted to use an anti-rattle device or a locking hitch pin, it really shouldn't be a problem.Now, as far as weight ratings go, the hitch is gonna have a 200 pound tongue weight rating. That's the maximum downward force that we can put at our receiver tube opening, and it's gonna give us a 2,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. That would be the total weight our trailer and anything you we're to load up on it.

Of course, you want to check the owner's manual on the BMW to see what its tow rating and not exceed that.Now, a few measurements you're find helpful when it comes time to select your bike rack or cargo carrier will be from the ground to the inside top edge of the receiver tube opening, you're gonna have about 11 inches. With that being said, it'd be wise to choose an accessory with a raised shank to give you better ground clearance. Then from the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost edge of our bumper, it's gonna be about three inches.Now, to begin our hitch installation, we're gonna need to remove this cover we've got right here. Now, you've got three bolts. One, two, three.

Need a 10 millimeter socket for those. Then across the back edge we've got six pushpin fasteners. For those, you'll use a screwdriver and maybe a trim panel tool. You'll see once you pull that middle section out, the rest of it comes out with it.Now on each side of the trunk we have this plastic panel that runs down. We want to pull straight up on that. You can see you can kind of bend that edge in a little bit, kind of get your hands on it. I'm gonna separate the tabs. We've got two there and one there. Now, under that cover on both sides of the vehicle, we're gonna have a little screw there to remove. Need an eight millimeter socket for it.Now, with that same eight millimeter socket, we've got one screw right here in the rear wheel well, we have one about halfway up in the rear wheel well, and there's another one right here on the top in that flat spot, and we want to get all three of those removed, as well.Now with the help of an extra set of hands, we're gonna get the fascia removed from the rear of the car. What we'll do is start at this very front corner where the fascia meets the body of the vehicle. We're just gonna start gently pulling out. You see as we go we're gonna be separating some little clips along the way. You may need a trim panel tool or even a small screwdriver to help release some of those. In this corner, it seems to get pretty tough, so we're gonna use a trim panel tool in behind there just to pull out slightly.Now, along this bottom edge, we're also gonna have a couple of little clips there that we want to get removed. Now, as this comes off, we want to check behind for wiring. You can see we've got a couple of plugs here we want to separate. For these, we need to pull out on the gray tab, then we can press down. You see that little gray tab there Kind of locks it in place. Now we can set our fascia aside somewhere safe.Now, on the bottom of this plastic panel, you can see right here we've got another fastener. You can see we've got another plug here. We want to get that plug separated. Then right down here on the passenger's side corner, we're gonna have a screw that comes through this panel we need to remove. That one's also gonna use an eight millimeter socket.Now, with the 19 millimeter socket and extension, we'll start to remove the bumper beam. You're gonna have four nuts. We've got one up here on the top on both sides, and then one in this hole on both sides. Now, the top one on both sides I'm gonna leave started with just one or two turns. That way it'll hold that beam in place while we take all of our hardware off.Now, right behind that plug, there's gonna be a rubber isolator and a bar that comes out of it. That's connected to your bumper beam by a small nut. We'll need a 13 millimeter socket and we can remove that.Now we'll take those two nuts off we had holding our bumper beam in place, and we can get it removed.Now we'll bring our hitch in place. We're gonna align the holes and the flanges on both sides with the holes our bumper beam sits on. We'll put our bumper beam back on over that. Now while holding the hitch and the beam up in position, just like before, we want to get those top nuts started, hold everything in place. Also gonna get our lower nut started, then we'll torque them to the specifications listed in our instructions.Now we want to start going through and reconnecting anything we removed. We'll do our sensor. Now we can realign that bracket for our exhaust and get that back in place. Now we can get our fascia back in place. Just want to reattach our little clips there, also our plugs into all of our backup sensors. We'll just gently guide it back in position there. Then we're gonna put our screws in right up here in the corner on each side. That'll hold everything in place while we get the rest of our fasteners installed.Now we're gonna take our lower appearance panel here. We need to find the center point of that. Basically, I'm just measuring from the outside edge to the outside edge, splitting that difference. Once we've found that, we're gonna go an inch and three quarters in each direction here. Then we're gonna measure up from the bottom five inches. Now we're gonna get that squared off.Now we'll start trimming that out. Now, this is a pretty hard plastic, so you're gonna use either some shears. If you don't have shears, you could use a razor knife. You'll probably just have to score it a few times. Now we want to check for fit and just make sure you got plenty of room around our hitch. That being the case, we'll put our hardware back in, re-secure it.With everything back in place, that's gonna complete our installation of the Draw Tite sports frame custom fit class one trailer hitch receiver, part number 24936 on our 2016 BMW five series.

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