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How to Install the Curt Front Mount Trailer Hitch on a 2014 Toyota Sequoia

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2014 Toyota Sequoia, we're gonna take a look at, and show you how to install the Curt Custom Fit Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver, with the two inch, by two inch receiver tube opening. It's part number is 31198.Here is what our hitch is gonna look like installed on our vehicle. You can see where our side plate is gonna come down here on each side. We've got our square cross bar, and of course, our receiver tube opening, here in the middle. This is the two inch, by two inch receiver tube opening, so it's gonna work with a lot of your class three style accessories.It also has the flush style reinforcement collar around there, which can give it a nice appearance. Now, with third mount hitches, your typical applications are gonna be sometimes, people like to use them for snowplows, maybe a front mount winch, if recovery is what you're after.

People also will also put cargo carriers, or bike racks up here, and use them to haul stuff around back, and forth, and something that I really like for them, you put a ball mount in here, and if you have a trailer that you have to get in a tighter spot, or something, this can make it a little bit more maneuverable, and make that a little bit easier job to do.Now, as far as weight ratings on our hitch go, we've got a 500 pound tongue weight rating, that'd be the maximum downward force that we wanna put here at the receiver tube opening. It gives us a 5,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. That would be the total weight of our trailer, anything that we we're to load up on it. Now, our hitch also gives us a 9,000 pound straight line pull rating, so that would be the total force that we could pull forward, away from the vehicle, on our hitch.Now, you'll see our hitch installs, right in between the frame, and the factory tow hooks. I'm just gonna remove these two bolts, sandwich in between, and tighten it back up, so it's a really nice easy installation to do.

Just so you have a little point of reference, from the bottom of our toe hook, here, to the bottom of our hitch, it's about an inch, and a half. So, overall, with the ground clearance, you're gonna lose about an inch, and a half, so you'll wanna keep that in mind.Now, a few measurements that may be helpful when you go to select your accessories for your front mount hitch, will be from the ground to the inside top edge of your receiver tube opening, we've got about 12 inches. Then, from the center of our hitch pin hold, to the outer most edge of our bumper, it's about eight.Now, to begin our installation, if your vehicle has this skid plate, it's kind of a steel skid plate here, on the bottom. If it is equipped with this, we're gonna take it down, and we need to enlarge this hole, that's where your oil filter is located, inside of there, and if you don't enlarge it, once the hitch is in place, you can't really change your oil properly.Here across the front, we've got three screw heads. One, two, and three.

With the 10 millimeter socket we're gonna back that out. Then, in the three larger holes that go across the back here, so this one, this one, and this one, there's a 12 millimeter bolt in there, we need to remove. You'll need a short extension to be able to get on to it. Then, in the larger holes across the front edge here, we've got one right here, and one right here, we've got the same tight bolts. We get those removed, and take down our skid plate.Now, we're gonna be enlarging this hole right here, to the four inch.

To give you the frame of reference, this would be the rear of the skid plate, you'll see there's a wider area that comes, and narrows down, we wanna be just in front of that, on the driver's side. We're gonna be using a hole saw to enlarge it. This area has a double layer of steel, so I would go a little more off to one side, our hole saw has to have little bit of steel, to make contact with, so we're gonna go off to the side of it there.Like I said, I'm using a hole saw, but you could also use a hack saw for this, you could use a cut off wheel, whatever you have handy. Now, we're gonna clean up this edge, 'cause you are gonna be sticking your hand in, and out of there, and you don't wanna get cut. Now, we're gonna use just a little bit of black spray paint, or undercoating, whatever you wanna use. Just gonna touch up that edge, that way we won't have to worry about rusting.Now, we'll get our skid plate put back up into position. Getting a bolt started here in the back, is good way to kind of, hold it in place. Now with all of our fasteners started, we'll get them snug down. Now, we're gonna use a 17 millimeter socket, we're gonna pull out the two bolts holding the tow hooks on, on each side. This is gonna become the attachment point for our hitch. Now, we'll repeat the same thing, to the drivers side.Now, with the help of an extra set of hands, we're gonna get our hitch lifted up into position. We're gonna be sandwiching the side plate, between the tow hook, and the frame, as we put it up. Just get our holes aligned, we're gonna use our existing hardware. Just get four, or five good turns on one side, and then we can get our other side started.Now, our hitch does have a little bit of adjustment side, to side here. So, it's a good idea just to take a look at your skid plate, just make sure it's centered with the bottom of the receiver tube there. Once we've got that where we want it, we'll snug down our hardware, and torque it to the specifications in the instructions.With our bolts torqued down to specification, that completes our installation of the Curt Front Mount Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number 31198, on our 2014 Toyota Sequoia.

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