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Curt Trailer Hitch Installation - 2013 Mini Clubman

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How to Install the Curt Trailer Hitch on a 2013 Mini Clubman

Speaker 1: Today on our 2013 Mini Clubman, we're gonna be taking a look at, and showing you how to install, the Curt Class I Custom Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number: C11387.So, here's what our hitch is gonna look like when it's installed. Whenever we want to use our hitch, we're gonna need to remove our license plate; we're gonna have an access right here. This is a Class I hitch, so it's gonna give us that 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" receiver tube opening. Now, it is a reinforced collar on here, giving it added strength, and a nice, clean, finished look. Our hitch is gonna use a standard 1/2" pin and clip, and they are included so there's nothing extra to pick up. Our safety chain loops are gonna come directly below our receiver tube, and they're gonna be tucked right behind our bumper.

They're gonna be a loop style, and as you can see, we're gonna have plenty of room to get our safety chains on or off. Our hitch is gonna feature a 200 pound tongue weight, along with a 2,000 pound gross trailer weight rating. I recommend that you always double check with your vehicle's owner's manual to make sure it can handle that amount of weight. The manufacturer does recommend, for any non-trailer loads meaning, any loads that you have that don't have any support of wheels, like a bike rack or cargo carrier that you use a stabilization strap. And you can pick one of those up on our website, using part number: 18050.Now, when it comes time for us to use our hitch, we're gonna need to remove our license plate.

Gonna remove the fasteners holding it in place, and it's gonna expose our receiver hitch. Since we don't want to drive around without a license plate, I'm gonna lower it down and use the top mounting holes on my plate, on the bottom mounting holes of my car. This way we can still be within the law, but be able to access our hitch. Now in our instance we're gonna be using a bike rack. So we can go ahead and insert our bike rack into our receiver tube.

Now, it's gonna be a little hard to see, but we're gonna make sure that everything is lined up. If we reach under our bumper, we'll be able to access to get our pin and clip in place. With everything secure we're ready to hit the road.Now I'd like to give you a few measurements to help you in deciding for accessories for your hitch, such as a bike rack, or a cargo carrier. From the ground to the inside top edge of the receiver tube opening is 16-1/4". Since because our hitch does sit inside of our bumper, behind our license plate, I'd like to give you that measurement, as well.

From the center of the hitch pin hole, to where it meets our bumper is 3-1/4". Now that we've gone over some of those features, let's show you how we get it installed.To begin our installation, we're gonna need to come to our rear fascia. And if we come right underneath our license plate, we're gonna have two Phillips-head screws that we're gonna need to remove. Directly behind each one of our tires, we're gonna have another fastener right here at the bottom. I'm gonna be using a T15 Torx bit to remove that. And we're gonna need to remove the one on the driver's side, as well. Now, if we come to behind our tire right here, at our wheel well, we're gonna have a plastic fastener right here, and I'm gonna use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove it. Once we have the center section removed, we can take a flathead screwdriver and pop out the backing plate. Now we're gonna remove that fastener on the other side, as well.We're gonna need to remove the two sections here on our fender flare, from our fascia. So, we can pull our wheel well liner back, and we're gonna separate these two panels. Now, it may be easier if you do it from the inside. They're gonna attach with these tabs here, so it may make it a little bit easier if we can grab the tab, and we can push out or pull back from the outside to release it. And we're gonna want to pull this away far enough that we can access the light that's on the back of this reflector here. We're gonna give it a quarter turn, and that'll release our light. Now, we are gonna have to access this screw right here. I'm gonna use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove it. Now we're gonna remove the other screw on the other side.Now, with an extra set of hands, we're gonna take off our rear fascia. If we open up the doors and slightly push down, we'll be able to slide our fascia backwards. Before we pull it away all the way, we are gonna need to remove our license plate lights, so we can just give them a quarter turn and it'll release, and we can pull them out. Now we're gonna set our fascia aside so it won't get damaged.Across our bumper beam here, we're gonna have some wires that are attached, and they're gonna be attached to our bumper beam using plastic fasteners. I'm gonna take a flathead screwdriver and we're gonna need to pop all seven of these out. So we can just get underneath the clip, and pry down, and that should release it from our bumper beam. Now we're gonna repeat that for the other remaining six. Now we're gonna need to remove the bumper beam, from our vehicle. We're gonna have two bolts that are going in on the outside of each side, and then directly towards the center, we're gonna have two more nuts that are gonna be holding it on. I'm gonna be using a 13mm socket to remove those. Before I remove the last one, I just do want to mention that once you remove the last two bolts holding it in place, there's nothing gonna be holding our bumper beam on. So you want to make sure that you have it supported, or you have a firm grip so it won't fall. Now, we can go ahead and remove the other fasteners on the other side.Now we can set our bumper beam and our hardware aside, because we will be reinstalling both. Now we can raise our hitch in position, and we're gonna line up the holes with the studs from our bumper beam, with the inner holes on our hitch. Once we have this in place, our bumper beam is gonna go back on top and sandwich our hitch in between the vehicle and the bumper beam, and then we can replace our hardware. We can go ahead and put our bolts in place on both sides, and once we do, we can come back and snug them down. With the bolts snugged up, we'll have just enough room to get the nuts put in place. I'm gonna come back and, again, using a 13mm socket, I'm gonna torque all my hardware down to the specified amount in the instructions.Now, I already marked the location of where we're gonna need to drill, but we're gonna need to drill a 2-1/2" hole so that our hitch can come out right behind our license plate. I'm gonna be using a hole saw, and the instructions to find this point is in the instructions. I just do want to mention also, before we begin to drill, you want to check what's behind your fascia. You want to double check behind it to make sure there's nothing that's gonna be damaged. It is always a good idea after you cut a hole, that you test it on your vehicle and make sure everything lines up properly.With our hitch torqued down, and our bumper prepped, we can start putting everything back into place. Now we can go ahead and put our fascia loosely back in place. Check that our holes line up. We did have to trim ours a little bit more than the instructions said, and it did come up quite a bit higher. But now we can access our hitch fully, and not have to worry about it interfering, and it will be covered up by our license plate. We're gonna go ahead and reconnect our license plate lights. Make sure they lock in place. We're just gonna go around and make sure that all the clips are fastened. We're gonna push until they all pop in place. We can start replacing all of our hardware, and reconnect our marker light here on the side, and then pop our panel back in place.And that'll finish up our look at the Curt Class I Custom Fit Trailer Hitch Receiver, part number: C11387, on our 2013 Mini Clubman.

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