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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2013 Chevrolet Sonic - Draw-Tite

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2013 Chevrolet Sonic

Today on our 2013 Chevy Sonic, well be installing the Draw-Tite sport frame trailer hitch, part number 24876. This is what our hitch will look like once its installed. Next well give you a couple of measurements to assist you with selection accessories for your new hitch. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer most edge of the bumper is 3-1/4 inches, from the top of the inside receiver tube opening to the ground is 12-1/2 inches, this will assist you with selecting accessories such as a bike rack or cargo carrier. Now lets go ahead with installation, first well go ahead and point out the attachment points, well have a total of four attachment points, two on each side. Note that each process we do on one side we get to repeat identically on the opposite side.

Well have one attachment point on each side in the bottom of the frame rail; these are predrilled holes in the frame by the manufacture. Securing a hitch at these frame rail attachment points will be 7/16 carriage bolt and block while the 7/16 Conical toothed washer and nut. For our rear attachment points, well be removing the manufactures inside bumper mount bolt. First well remove the bolt and then well secure the hitch with an 8mm bolt going through the manufactures nut and flange through the spacer block, through the hitch, and then securing it with a 3/8 Conical toothed washer and nut. To make it easier to install the hitch, well go ahead and take this spacer block, tape it directly to the hitch using some black electrical tape.

Now before we attempt to install the hitch, well go ahead and put our carriage bolt and block into the frame, using the pole wire provided with our install kit, well go through the attachment point, and out the access hole forward of the frame just by the rear axil, and then well slide on our block, and thread on the carriage bolt. Being both opened to the frame and pull them into position. Well leave the pole wire on the carriage bolt at this time until we get our hitch up in place as it will assist us not to push the hardware back up into the frame while installing the hitch. Next well need to remove the two lower fascia push pin fasteners as well pull them back and put the hitch back into position. To remove the fasteners well pry the center pin out and then remove the entire fastener.

Now were ready to go ahead and put our hitch in place. By installing the hitch its a good idea to get and extra set of hands to help you hold the hitch while you install the fasteners. As we install the hitch well feed the driver side up over the exhaust pulling back on the fascia tabs and slipping the hitch in between the rear bumper cover. Now with the hitch both up into position well go ahead and take our 8mm bolt, feed it through the attachment point, and then install the 3/8 Conical toothed washer with the teeth of the washer facing the hitch, and secure it with the 3/8 nut. With both rear attachment points in place, we can now go ahead and remove the bolt leader from the carriage bolt, install our 7/16 Conical tooth washer again with the teeth of the washer facing the hitch and the 7/16 nut.

With both sides done we can now go ahead and tighten down our fasteners. Next well torque to specifications as indicated in the instructions. Now with the hitch secured and torqued to specifications, well go ahead and reinstall the push pin fasteners re-securing the rear bumper fascia. That will complete the install of our Draw-Tite hitch, part number 24876 on our 2013 Chevy Sonic.