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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2012 Ford Explorer - Hidden Hitch

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2012 Ford Explorer

Today in our 2012 Ford Explorer well be installing the Draw Tite Hitch part number 75710. This is what our hitch will look like once its installed, next well go ahead and give you a couple of measurements to assist you with selecting accessories for your new hitch such as a drawbar, a bike rack or a cargo carrier. From the center of the hitch pinhole to the outermost edge of the bumper is 4 inches. From the top of the receiver tube to the ground is 15 inches. Now lets go ahead with the installation. First well need to go ahead and lower the exhaust.

To do this, well go ahead and put a safety strap underneath the exhaust so that after we remove the three rubber isolators securing the exhaust to the exhaust hangers, we can safely lower the exhaust without it falling too far.Now with our safety strap in position, well go ahead and take some spray lubricant and spray each one of the rubber isolators. Next well go ahead and take a pry bar and remove the rubber isolator from the exhaust. Now with all four exhaust hangers free, we can go ahead and use the safety strap to safely lower the exhaust so that we can gain access to the hardware at the frame.Here on the driver side well need to remove the tow hook and exhaust hanger combination. There are a total of three fasteners to remove it two in the bottom of the frame, one in the side. Now with that removed, well move over to the passenger side where well need to remove the two fasteners securing the exhaust hanger.

Now with that done, it will expose the bottom of the frame rail and the five attachment points for our hitch. Well be utilizing two bottom weld nuts on each side and the open hole here at the end of the frame on the passenger side. Here well be installing a carriage bolt and block using the pull wire provided with our install kit and securing the hitch with a conical tooth washer with the teeth of the washer facing the hitch, and a -inch nut.To put our hardware in the frame, well go ahead and reuse the reverse pull method. Well put the block onto our pull wire and then thread on our carriage bolt, feed the carriage bolt into the frame, followed by the block and then pull them both back into position. At this time, well go ahead and leave the pull wire onto our carriage bolt as it will assist us to put the hitch up into position without pushing our hardware back up into the frame.Next well remove the rubber isolators from the hangers and attach them to the hitch.

Well be using the new bolt, flat washers and lock nut. Put it through the hitch then to the rubber isolator, slide on the flat washer and then secure it with the lock nut by tightening it down. Well go ahead and repeat the same process on the opposite side.Now is a good time to get an extra set of hands to help you hold the hitch while you install the fasteners. Well be using the new bolt and conical tooth washer to secure the hitch, again, using the weld nuts in the frame. As we put the hitch in position, well go ahead and take the pull wire and feed it through the rear attachment point of the hitch here on the passenger side.

Now with our hitch in position, well go ahead and tighten each one of the fasteners holding the hitch in place. Next well go ahead and torque to specifications as indicated in the instructions. With everything torqued down, well now go ahead and reinstall the exhaust. Thatll complete the install of our Draw Tite Hitch part number 75710 on our 2012 Ford Explorer.

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