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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2011 Ford Escape - Hidden Hitch

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2011 Ford Escape

Today on this 2011 Ford Escape were going to install part number 90108 from Hidden Hitch. This is what the hitch looks like when its installed on vehicle. Next well go ahead and give you some measurements to help you out in selecting some accessories, such as a bike rack or a cargo carrier. From the top of the receiver opening down to the ground will be 17 inches, and from the center of the hitch pin hole to the edge of the bumper will be one inch. Now Ill go ahead and show you how the hitch is installed. The first thing were going to do is go ahead and install our hardware into the frame of the vehicle.

Well be looking at the drivers side, and this will be repeated exactly the same way on the passengers side. Well start off by running a bolt leader into the existing hole on the side of the frame. Theres two of theme. Well run it out the access hole through the end of the frame. Well install our block and our half inch carriage bolt and run it through the frame and pull it out.

Our kit only comes with two wire pulls, so were going to use an additional two more for the other side, and that will be part number 80101-1. Once we have all our hardware installed on the frame we can go ahead and lift the hitch in position. As we lift it up well take the wire pulls and pull them through the holes in the hitch. Once the hitch is in place well pull our bolts through and then attach our hardware. Now when we install the rest of the hardware were going to install a conical tooth washer, and make sure that the teeth on the washer go toward the hitch, and then well install the nut behind it.

Well leave all our hardware loose until all the hardware is installed. With all our hardware installed, we can go ahead and tighten the bolts down, and the torque them down as specified in the instructions. With that, that will finish it for our install of part number 90108 from Hidden Hitch on our 2011 Ford Escape.