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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2010 Lexus RX 350

All right today on this 2010 Lexus RX 350, we're going to install part number 13541 from Curt. Okay our first step is to go ahead and remove the lower fascia. There'll be about 13 fasteners that we have to remove to lower the fascia. All right, next we'll go ahead and remove the adjusting hole plugs from the frame rails and we'll go ahead the existing toll loops as well. Now the toll loops will be reinstalled when the hitch is installed. All right, at this point, we can go ahead and install the hitch.

We'll install the fasteners going towards the front of the vehicle first to help hold up the hitch while we install the remaining fasteners for our toll loops. Okay, once our hardware is installed, we'll go ahead and snug the bolts down and then thwart the bolts down as specifies in the instructions. All right now we'll go ahead and turn our attention to the fascia. Now going by the instructions, we're going to cut up the slot that's about six inches by four and a half inches. And that will be for the center of the receiver tube.

And on the side of the fascia going towards the passenger's side, let's remove the section as well. We'll go up to a curved edge of the fascia and go across to about the same distance as the first fastener and then go straight up. We'll go ahead and reinstall our fascia and do a couple of test fits and make any alterations as needed. Once we're happy with the fit, we can go ahead and install the fascia for good. And with that, that'll finish it for our install of part number 13541 from Curt on our 2010 Lexus RX 350..

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George A.

Would this video apply to 2007 Toyota 4runner ? Thanks, George

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Patrick B.

This hitch, part # 13541 from Curt, is not a match for 4Runner. There are, however, 3 hitches available for your 2007 4 Runner. Draw-Tite has part # 75155 , Curt has part # 13445 and Hidden Hitch has part # 70779 . We have videos of the Draw-Tite and Hidden Hitch on the sister vehicle, the Lexus GX 470.