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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2008 Mercury Mariner - Hidden Hitch

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2008 Mercury Mariner

All right, today in this 2008 Mercury Mariner, we're going to show you the hidden hitch class 2 inaudible 00:04:22 quarter receiver hitch, part number 90108. All right this is what the hitch looks like when it's installed on our Mariner. Now, you notice it does sit below the bumper so you can see most of the hitch, but it does actually fit nice and tight up against the bottom of the bumper. It has a reinforcing inaudible 00:00:26 around the end of the hitch and basically it just matches the contour all the way around. Thick chain loop right here, simple loop so a variety of safety chains will fit through there, and goes onto our square body which is actually bent to go back farther up into your frame where there's no drilling required. In this case we didn't even have to lower the spare tire as well.

Of course, this hitch comes with all hardware needed to install. Okay, we will go ahead and cover the weight capacity's of our hitch. Now, the hitch itself is ready for three hundred pounds of capacity and thirty five hundred pounds of pulling capacity. Now, always double check the owners manual or manufacturer of your vehicle. You can verify that your vehicle can pull these kinds of weights All right, next we'll go ahead and give you some measurements to help you out in selecting some accessories, such as a bicycle rack or cargo carrier. From top of receiver opening down to the ground will be about seventeen inches.

And from the center of your hitch pen hole to the outside edge of your bumper will be about two and a half inches. All right next we'll go ahead and show you how we install the hitch. Now, our hitch is going to use these two holes, this is our driver side, this is going to be identical over on the passenger side. And here is our passenger side of the hitch. We won't have to lower the exhaust either, which is nice. What's going to happen is we need to install hardware in these two holes. We'll be using a carriage bolt and a block.

It's going to sit inside the frame pointing out this way. So it'll be inside the frame, you want your block sitting like this. To help us install the hardware on the inside of the frame we've got this bolt leader. So we'll simply go ahead and run our bolt leader, receive the hole we're going to use back through here where there's an opening and out the end of the frame. We'll thread it on our block, push towards the inside of the frame, thread on our bolt and push that into the frame, and then pull though the frame.

It may get caught so you'll have to move it around a little bit. It will pull the bolt through the block and frame just like that. Now, we'll verify that fits in okay, I'm actually going to push it in a little bit because we need room to slide the hitch up into place. While I do that we'll also have our bolt leader go through our hitch as well. So lets leave this side alone for now, repeat the same process over on our passenger side, however, we'll use this hole up front. All right, now it's a good idea to get an extra set of hands. So we'll go ahead and put our hitch up into position using the two bolts we installed. We'll make sure we take our bolt leader, run it through the hole, and match it to the hitch, the same one in the frame. We'll get started, make sure the bolt still stays in the frame, push the hitch up, and pull the bolt through. Okay next we'll go ahead and install our hardware onto our bolts. We'll unthread the bolt leader because we need to use them for the next two bolts, then we'll install a conkle-tooth washer, always make sure your teeth on the washer faces towards the hitch, then we'll install the half inch nut. We'll do this on both sides. And it may help to still have your extra set of hands help hold the hitch up depending on how tight you have your bolts and push your bolt leader through, and out the other side. Okay now all our hardware is loosely installed on our driver side. We'll do the same process over on our passenger side. All right, now we'll go ahead and tighten down our hardware using a three quarter inch deep wheel socket. Now with our torque wrench we'll go ahead and tighten down the bolts as indicated in the instructions. With that, that'll finish it for the hidden hitch class two inaudible 00:04:14 quarter receiver hitch, part number 90108 on this 2008 Mercury Mariner.

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