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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2008 Ford Van - Draw-Tite

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2008 Ford Van

Today, we're working with a 2008 Ford E-350 Econoline Van and we're going to be installing Draw Tite Hitch Part Number 75703. The first thing we need to do is remove the spare tire. It's going to allow us plenty of room to maneuver our hitch and it's also going to allow us to show you the location through the three bolt holes on either side of the frame. We will be using these three holes in our frame. On the rear most hole, we're going to take a bolt and a flat washer, and fit it in through our frame. We also are going to tape a flat washer to the top of our hitch flange, so that it fills up the void between the hitch and the frame, then we'll lift the hitch into the position.

On the other side of the hitch, we'll finger tighten a conical tooth washer with the teeth facing the hitch and a nut. We don't want to tighten these down yet as we need the maneuverability to install the rest of our hardware. At the second hole, as we move forward along the frame, we'll take a bolt and a block and feed it through. We also want to make sure that we position the block in between the hitch and the frame rail. Again, on the other side, we'll finger tighten a conical tooth washer and a nut.

On the last hole, closest to the front of the vehicle, we'll take a carriage bolt and a block with a square hole, we'll fit it through the frame. Again, on the other side, we'll use a conical tooth washer and a nut. With all of our hardware in place, we'll finger tighten, we'll go ahead and run them down. Lastly, we'll come back over with a torque wrench and torque all the bolts to specifications indicated in the instructions and that's it for our install of Hidden Hitch Part Number 75703 on our 2008 Ford E-350 Econoline Van.