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Trailer Hitch Installation - 2005 Toyota Prius - Hidden Hitch

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 2005 Toyota Prius

Today on this 2005 Toyota Prius, we're going to install part number 60894 from Hidden Hitch. Now this is what the hitch looks like when it's installed on the Prius. Next, we'll give you some measurements to help you out in selecting some accessories such as a bicycle rack or a cargo carrier. From the top of the receiver opening down to the ground will be about 11-1/2 inches. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the edge of the bumper will be about 2 inches. Now we'll go ahead and show you how the hitch is installed. This is the panel we need to remove first.

We'll go ahead and remove this fastener with a 10 millimeter socket. Going towards the front of the vehicle is another bolt right here that we have to remove, the same socket. Okay, there's a plastic fitting on top here that just snaps into place. We just go ahead and pull that down to unsnap it. There's 2 plastic fasteners by the bumper we have to remove.

We'll use a screwdriver to loosen up the centers and then pull them out. Then our panel will be loose so we can remove it. Now our tow hook we have to remove. We'll use a 14 millimeter socket on that. Now these will not be re-installed. Okay, the driver's side done.

We'll do the same thing on the passenger's side. All right next we'll go ahead and cover the hardware that will attach the hitch. We have a metric bolt and a conical tooth washer. Now the teeth of the washer always face towards the hitch. This combination will be the same on all 4 holes.

Now this will be the same holes that our tie down brackets used. That's the passenger side and this is the driver's side. Now we'll go ahead and put the hitch in position. We'll put 1 bolt in each side to help hold it up. Now I'm doing this by myself because it's relatively 00:02:12 light so you can hold it up and install your hardware, but it's always easier if you get an extra set of hands. With our hardware loosely installed we'll go ahead and tighten it down and then torque the bolts down as specified in the instructions. We'll use a 17 millimeter socket to torque our bolts down. All right now at this point we can either leave this panel off or trim it to make it fit. In this case, we'll go ahead and trim ours to make it fit. Basically all we need to do is elongate this slot right here going out towards the edge. We're using tin snips to make our cut. We're actually going to cut some more out than what was described in the instructions. Now you don't have to do this, you can do it with tin snips but I'm being extra fancy and using a hole saw to make a round cut. Now the long rivet will go back in this spot right here. Our short rivet will go over here. With our panel back in place, that will finish it for part number 60894 from Hidden Hitch on our 2005 Toyota Prius. .

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