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Trailer Hitch Installation - 1998 Ford Taurus Wagon - Hidden Hitch

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How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a 1998 Ford Taurus Wagon

Today on our 1998 Ford Taurus wagon well be installing Hidden Hitch part number 90173. This is our hitch will look like once its installed. Next well go ahead and give you a couple measurements to assist you with selecting accessories for your new hitch. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer most edge of the bumper is six inches. From the top of the inside of the receiver tube opening to the ground is 11 inches. This will assist you with selecting accessories such as a bike rack or cargo carrier.

Now lets go ahead with installation. The first step of our install will be to lower the exhaust on the drivers side. To lower the exhaust there are two rubber isolators that well remove from the metal hangers. To do this well spray each isolator with some spray lubricant and then use our pry bar to remove the rubber isolator from the metal hanger. Next lets go over the attachment points.

Weve got a total of four attachment points, two on each side. Our forward attachment points will be the predrilled holes in the frame by the manufacturer. This will line up with the predrilled holes in the hitch. The rear attachment points for this hitch will line up with the bumper bolts on the inside of the frame rail for each side. Note that each process we do here on one side will get repeated identically on the opposite side.

Now well go ahead and remove the manufacturers bolts. This way well be able to reuse the manufacturers weld nut as our attachment point, using the new 10 mm bolt. For the forward attachment points well be using the new hardware which will be a half inch bolt and conical tooth washer. To secure this attachment point well install a block and use the handle nut to secure the half inch bolt. Note for some applications it will make it easier to install the block and handle nut into the frame by taping the block to the handle nut.

Well just use some black electrical tape and tape the block to the handle nut, keeping the block hole and handle nut threaded hole lined up. Then well bend the handle nut as needed to work it into the frame and over the attachment point. Now were ready to put our hitch in place. Its a good idea to get an extra set of hands to help you hold the hitch while you install the fasteners. Well start with our rear attachment points first, installing the 10 mm bolt through the hitch, into the weld nut. Well install each one of our fasteners finger tight until we get them all in place. Next well move to the frame rail. With our handle nut and block in the frame well go ahead and line it up with the hole and then thread in the half inch bolt into the handle nut, going through the hitch and the block into the handle nut. Now well go ahead and repeat the same process on the drivers side. With all four attachment points in place well go ahead and tighten them down. Next well torque to specifications as indicated in the instructions. Now with our hitch secured and torqued to specifications we can go ahead and reinstall the exhaust. That will complete the install of our Hidden Hitch, part number 90173 on our 1998 Ford Taurus wagon.