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Curt 4-Way Flat to 5-Way Flat Trailer Connector Adapter Installation - 2010 Acura MDX

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How to Install the Curt 4-Way Flat to 5-Way Flat Trailer Connector Adapter on a 2010 Acura MDX

Today on our 2010 Acura MDX we're gonna be installing Curt's four way flat to five way flat trailer wiring adaptor. This adapter's gonna allow you to take your four pole wiring on your MDX, and convert it to five pole wiring. Five pole wiring is a lot less common than your four pole wiring, so you typically don't find kits out there that just install straight five pole wiring. But if you're trailer does have a five pole, and you need this simply plugs in. And to get those reverse lights working you can take blue wire and route it your reverse lamp circuits on your vehicle. It comes with wiring, and quick splice to get that connected.We'll begin our installation at the back of the vehicle with the lift gate open.

We'll need to connect the reverse lamp circuit wire. Now the one that comes with your kit isn't gonna be long enough to reach your connector, so we're gonna have to extend this. You can pick up additional wire here at We'll access our reverse lamp circuit located behind the grommet here in the upper left behind our lift gate. You just wanna take that, and pull that back to reveal our wiring.And we want the small brown wire that's in here.

This is gonna be our reverse lamp circuit. Now that we've got our brown wire separated from the rest of wiring we'll slide the quick splice that comes with the kit over the brown wire. Just like that. We'll take our new wire, slide it into the other end of our quick splice there, and then use a pair of pliers or channel locks to crush the splice down into the wires. After you've got it crimped down just close your plastic in there, and we can reinstall our grommet.It's not a bad idea to maybe poke a hole in here, and you can feed that wire out through that hole.

So, we're just gonna take a small screw driver here. Try and stay towards the bottom. Poke a hole through it with our screwdriver then we'll take the other end of our wire and we're gonna poke that from the inside out through that hole. And you can further seal that up with a little bit of black silicone. If you need some silicone you can pick some up here at can then take our wiring, we're gonna route it down to our four pole connector where ever you have that mounted.

Our customer has his mounted outside the vehicle, so that's where we're gonna be routing it. If yours was inside the vehicle then you could simply come down and just wrap it around the weather stripping down here below. Once you get about that far I'm just gonna pull back the weather stripping, and we're just gonna follow the weather stripping down. Now if you're going outside we're gonna keep following that weather stripping down bringing our wiring along the way until we get about here where we can go down through the open seam underneath our weather stripping. And here you can just reach up behind the bumper, grab that wiring, and pull it down. Then you can just push the weather stripping back into place. If it does get up above your panel here you can kind of pop that up, get it tucked back under.Now we're under our vehicle. We've got our wire that we ran down. We can go ahead and trim off any excess that we've got there. Want to make sure we got some so we can connect it to our blue wire here, so we're just gonna trim that up about there. Now we'll take our blue wire, we're gonna strip it back. We'll take the wire that we ran down, we're gonna strip it back as well. And now we'll crimp the two together. Now you're kit doesn't come with any crimps. We're using a Heat Shrink Butt Connector for ours. And again our customer has his wiring routed outside the vehicle where typically on your MDX it's gonna be inside. If it was inside the vehicle you likely wouldn't need to extend the wire longer like we did. So, then we'll just crimp the other end on to our white wire, and then we can heat shrink it down.Now we can take the excess, we're gonna zip tie that to our four pole wiring. No zip ties come with your adaptor, but you can pick some up here at Now everything's all connected, and all we need to do is plug our four pole end into our four pole flat on our vehicle, and plug our additional circuit in right there. And you're ready to now plug up to your five pole connector on your trailer, and hit the road.Now we can test everything out. You can either plug this into your trailer to test it out, or you can use a test light like the one I have here. So, we're gonna hook our ground up to the exposed terminal there coming out of our connector. I've got the hazard lights turned on as well as the headlights, and that'll be able to check all of our circuits except for the additional one that we ran which is for our reverse lights. You should have on your brown wire a taillight circuit that'll come up solid. Our yellow and green wires are our left and right turns signals, so they should be flashing with our hazards. These also double as your brakes. And lastly we have this one here, we'll have to put the vehicle in reverse in order to test that. So, you may need some extra assistance because you don't want to be back at the back of the vehicle when it's in reverse with nobody inside. And you can see our reverse lights are working properly.And that completes our installation of Curt's four way flat to five way flat trailer adaptor on our 2010 Acura MDX.

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