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Titan Hydraulic Trailer Brake Installation

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How to Install a Titan Hydraulic Trailer Brake

All right, today on this old trailer, we're going to install the hydraulic brake assembly, part number T2351100. Now, we're going to start off our install with the hub already removed so we can show how to remove the vacuum plate. First off, we'll go ahead and disconnect the hydraulic line behind it. We're going to use a wrench to undo the fitting and remove the line. We're going to take the line and point it upward to help keep the fluid in the line. Next, we'll go ahead and unbolt the old vacuum plate.

There will be five nuts that we have to remove. We'll uninstall them and save the hardware and then we'll go ahead and reinstall them later. Once the hardware is removed, we'll go ahead and take off the vacuum plate. With the old removed, we can go ahead and install the new one. We're going to make sure that the wheel cylinder is situated towards the top.

We'll push it on and then we'll go ahead and reinstall the hardware. To secure our hardware, we're also going to use some Loctite, part number LT37477. With the new brake assembly in place, we'll go ahead and reinstall the hub. Next, we'll go ahead and reinstall the hydraulic line. We'll thread it back into the back of the wheel cylinder and tighten it down.

Our brake assembly is fully installed. Now, we'll go ahead and adjust the brakes. We'll peel off the cap at the bottom for the adjuster and we'll take our tool and go ahead and spin the adjuster to tighten up the brakes. Now, we're going to tighten them up just enough where the wheel stops moving by hand, and then we'll go ahead and back off about 10 clicks. There should be a slight drag when you're through.

Next, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process on the driver's side. With that, that will finish it for our install of the vacuum plate, part number T2351100.

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