TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks Review - 2018 Ford F-150

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Review of the TracRac TracONE Ladder Racks on a 2018 Ford F-150

Speaker 1: Today, on our 2018 Ford F150, we'll be taking a look at and showing you how to install the TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack, part number: TA27000-01. This is also available in black, with part number: TA27000B.This ladder rack is going to allow us to carry lumber, ladders and other large gear on top of our truck bed. The ladder rack is fully adjustable to the end of our crossbars, allowing this to be used with multiple different trucks. We simply loosen up our two bolts on either side of our leg, then we can adjust it in or out.Our ladder rack system is made out of an aluminum construction so it's strong, durable and rust-proof, but it's also very lightweight. Our ladder rack is going to include tie downs, which will allow us to secure down our gear. These are fully adjustable along the length of our crossbar, and what's great about this bar is that we can also place in channel-mounted accessories like bike racks.This is going to be a no-drill application.

It's simply going to clamp around our truck bed rails and secure in place.The TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack has an 800 pound carrying capacity. The crossbars are going to measure 65 inches long by 4 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches tall, and the upright support is going to measure 26 1/4 inches tall.To start our install, we're going to take our two clamps we've already placed on our ladder and made sure that it's positioned out the correct way so that we have even crossbar spread on each side. We're going to take our clamp, we're going to fit it around our rail and the foot platform.Then, we slide that as far back as we can. Want to make sure that nothing under here is going to interfere with our clamp when we start to tighten it down. We'll take our wingnut, place that underneath, on top of our bolt and we'll start to tighten that down by hand.Next, we'll do the same thing for our other clamp, making sure that it's closer to the end of our foot.

Now, we'll take our ratchet with the 7/32nd Allen Key on the end, and we're going to start to tighten down our bolts. Want to make sure that's secured down.Now, we'll just repeat that same process for our other three sides. Once we have all those secured down, we're ready to load up our gear and hit the road.That's going to be our completed look at the TracRac TracONE Truck Bed Ladder Rack on our 2018 Ford F150.

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