Thule T-Rac Pro2 Ladder Rack Installation - 2018 Toyota Tacoma

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How to Install the Thule T-Rac Pro2 Ladder Rack on a 2018 Toyota Tacoma

Speaker 1: Today in our 2018 Toyota Tacoma, we're going to be test fitting the T-Rac Pro2 ladder rack. This TracRac ladder rack is great for vehicles with the deck rail system like our Tacoma here, because the clamps are specifically designed to work with that so you now can haul your ladders, your home improvement equipment, or your stand-up paddle boards or kayaks when you're going to the lake. And since this is a clamp-on style, it's just as easy to put on as it is to take off. Plus, there's no drilling required, which is a huge bonus. And to help protect the bed rails, they do provide these shims to give you a little bit of cushion once you put the ladder rack in place and clamp it down. While it doesn't come with the tie-downs to secure your load, it does provide eight points to secure your load on your ladder rack.

It's made with a lightweight aluminum construction, but is still strong and durable with the weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.Now that we've gone over some of the features of the ladder rack, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. We have our front one already installed up against the cab of our vehicle, and since these install exactly the same, we'll just show you the rear. So what we'll first need to do is get our TracRac ready, and since this ladder rack is designed to work with TracRac, so you do have to do a little bit of prep work before you get everything installed. Now, it starts with moving our tie-downs more towards the center and opening up the end. With our tie-downs, you want to loosen them up, push in, and that will move them out of the way.

And then we'll come to our end cap here, where that just comes right off.Next, we're going to take our clamps and install them into the TracRac first. Next, we'll take our shim and set it on top of our bed rail here. And finally, we'll put our end cap back into place. And we'll repeat this process for the driver's side. Now, with both sides prepped, we'll take our rear ladder rack and set it in place.

We'll get an extra set of hands to help us out. Now we can take our clamps, line it up with our indention here, slide that into place. Something to note here, as far as the spacing in between the clamps, you want to make sure you get this right because it is specific. You want at least seven inches, center to center, on the clamps. With the measurements done on this side, now we can repeat this process for the driver's side and tighten our clamps down.Now, it does not come with the tool to do this, so what you'll need is a 7/32 Allen wrench, or this ratchet bit with the Allen wrench in it makes things a lot easier.

Now, with everything tightened down, you're ready to load up your ladders, your gear, or what ever it is we're hauling. And there you have it for the TracRac T-Rac Pro2 ladder rack on our 2018 Toyota Tacoma.

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