K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors Review - 2008 Ford F-150

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Review of the K-Source Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2008 Ford F-150

Today we're going to be looking at K-Source Snap and Zap Custom Towing Mirrors. These are add on custom towing mirrors for the driver side and for the passenger side. Part number is KS81800. Now you can see these custom towing mirrors are an excellent addition to your truck to help towing a little bit easier. This is going to give us an additional mirror here, that's going to extend our field of view and allow us to easily see our trailer when we're trying to negotiate around the campsite or even headed down the highway trying to change lanes or pass. Now here's a good look at the difference you can expect in your field of view between your factory mirror and your towing mirror. As I step out, I'm about 15 feet behind the corner of the truck there beside the wheels on our trailer, you see as I step out you can see me fine in our factory mirror, but here's where you kind of start to lose me.

You can pick me up then in our towing mirror. You can see this is going to allow us another 5 or 6 feet or 3 or 4 steps out to the side. This is going to prevent us having to kind of, you know how you used to have to stick your head out the window and kind of look around We'll be able to see that trailer as we're making our turns. We'll be able to see the back corner of it. We'll be able to see our tires.

Just to help us negotiate and get around safely without having to do too much turning and trying to look behind us from the cab. You see the custom fit design. This is going to fit right around our factory mirror. Got clips that are going to hold it in place and it does a good job, it's nice and secure. You can see the mirror is not moving unless our factory mirror is. We're going to maintain full adjustability of our factory mirror, and you'll even see here the blinker that's built into this particular mirror is unobstructed, so people will still be able to see that we're indicating we want to get over.

You can see we're still going to maintain our break away feature and the texture on it, the finish on it, is almost identical to what is on the factory mirror here. Just looking at it you can see from the outside, it's almost as if we don't have an additional mirror on there, it's almost like this is the factory mirror that came out. It follows all the contours very nicely, and it's going to give you a really really nice look. Now the mirror face itself is fully adjustable, this is going to give us an extremely wide range of motion, it uses a ball and socket that you can see here on the rear. Now there's a small hole located right down here in the bottom that we can stick a screwdriver in and we can tighten that bolt up so this isn't something that over time is going to become loose and ineffective, this something we can easily tighten up just a little bit if our mirror starts to become loose. Again, this going to last for a very long time and be a really nice mirror.

Now the ABS plastic housing, strong, it's durable, it resists any V rays. Not going to have to worry about fading and things like that. The mirror face itself is scratch resistant. Now the thing I really like about the K-Source mirrors, one they come in a pouch and the pouch is separated so we'll have one on one side of our divider, one on the other side. That's going to prevent them from beating up against each other when they're riding in your truck or what have you, and scratching themselves. We'll just pull that out, want to make sure you've got your mirror face clean, don't want any sand or anything in there that might rub in between the mirror and your factory mirror, that could cause scratches. Otherwise than that if you've got a nice clean mirror, shouldn't have to worry about that at all. That costume fit design is going to fit right on the back of that mirror. You see our pads here, this is going to give us a nice secure fit, it's going to reduce any wind noise or any vibration that we might get out of it from it kind of wiggling form the outside of the vehicle. Also completely tool free. The two tabs here on the bottom are the ones that we want to kind of hold down on as we rotate our mirror into position. We've got the two hooks here that are going to hook right around our factory mirror there, gives us a really nice secure fit. You just kind of place them up and on, we're going to hold down on our tabs on the bottom, and then just get them rotated into position. Going to make sure that this fully engages the bottom of the mirror, and that these have fully engaged the side of the mirror. Just by pulling down on those two tabs and rotating the opposite direction, they remove very very easily, we can tuck these right back in our pouch till we're ready to use them next time. That's going to complete our look at the K-Source Snap and Zap Custom Towing Mirror. Part number KS81800. On our 2008 Ford F150.

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