Blue Ox Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Blue Ox Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 2009 Dodge Ram Pickup

All right, today on this 2009 Dodge Ram pick-up 1500 series quad cab, we're going to install part number BX8869. This is a Blue Ox taillight wiring kit bulb and socket. To start off our install, we're going to take our wire harness with the four wires and we're going to run it through the front of the truck going towards the back. Now our truck has a six volt connector that is previously installed on this truck. This was installed as a part as a base plate installation kit. So I'm going to go ahead and take it back apart and then go ahead and run our wiring through.

Now before we install a six volt connector, we'll go ahead and take the rubber cover that comes with it and slide it on our wires first. Once we're all done, we'll go ahead and slide it on the back. We only have four wires to deal with. We'll strip the wires back, twist the copper wire. Now we'll go ahead and make the wire connections to the back of the six volt connector. Our white wire will go to the pin labeled GD for ground, our brown wire will go to the pin labeled TM for running lights, and the green wire will go to the pin named RT for right turn.

Our yellow wire will go to the pin named LT for left turn. Okay will all our connections made, we'll go ahead and take our rubber cover and slide it back on to the six volt. Then we'll use some electrical tape to go ahead and seat up the back end up it, and then we'll go ahead and take our six volt connector and mount it back up using the hardware that came with the base plate kit. Now once our connector is secured, we can go ahead and continue on running our wiring towards the back of the truck. Now in this case we're going to run our wires on the inside of the frame. To help us do that, we're using a piece of old airline tubing.

Now this could also be a 01:35 inaudible or another stiff piece of wire that could do the job. Basically we're 01:39 inaudible running through a hole in the side of the frame, or in the bottom to the front, tape the wires to it and go ahead and pull it through. We'll go ahead and pull it out through a series of holes in and out threading it through the frame of the truck until it reaches the back end and we'll come out by the bumper. Now we'll go ahead and we'll pull the wire through and take up all our slack. We'll leave it alone for now. Next we'll go ahead and we'll open up the tailgate and then we'll go ahead and remove the taillights.

There are two screws on the inside edge of the taillight that we have to remove. Okay, once the taillights are loosened, we'll go ahead and remove the wiring from the taillight as well. We'll go ahead and twist the bulbs out and everything. Now I just have a bare taillight. Now we'll go ahead and find a location for our socket. We're going to use the inside edge of the taillight that goes towards the center of the truck. Once we have our location, you want to make sure you have plenty of room around it because we want to drill a one inch hole, and also we want to make sure we're far enough from the other bulb. Well you want to maintain a distance of at least one inch. We'll drill out a pilot hole first, then we'll go ahead and drill out a one inch hole with our hole saw. Now we'll get our socket ready. We'll go ahead and take the bulb and put it into the socket. We'll line up the pins, push it down, and twist it. Now we can go ahead and install it into the taillight. We'll go ahead and push it into place. Now if this stays loose, the pins that are around the socket can be spread out a little bit to make it fit tighter. So once we have it seated in place, we'll go ahead and take some silicone and seal around the edges. We're done with our driver's side. We'll go ahead and repeat the same process over on our passenger side. Once we have both sides done, we can go ahead and start hooking up wires. We'll go ahead and take our four pull wire, push it up from the bottom, and then out the hole of the taillight assembly. Now we need to strip our wires back. First off, we'll take our green wire, peel it all the way back and run it down the same hole it came out of because eventually this will be ran to the passenger side. Next we'll take our yellow wire and peel it back as well. We'll peel it back and then cut off our excess. It's always a good idea to make sure and leave enough wire that we can fully remove the taillight in case we need to change bulbs. We'll go ahead and hook up our wires as follows. Our yellow wire will end up being hooked up to the black wire from the taillight. Now our brown wire, what we're going to do is peel it all the way back and then we're going to cut it. This brown wire has to be ran over to the passenger side as well. So we'll cut the wire in half, strip the wires, put them together, and using a bell connector, we'll go ahead and connect the two together and then the other end will go to the wire coming out from our socket that we installed to the taillight, and the the other half of our brown wire will get routed below just like the green wire did. Now we need to work on our white wire for ground. Once again, we'll cut our white wire in half and we're going to run the two ends together. We'll use provided ring 04:23 inaudible that comes with the kit and crimp those ends together and we'll run that to the sheet metal of the body underneath. This will be on the sheet metal that's just below the taillight, and then the rest of our white wire will go to the white wire on our socket. With all our connections made, we'll go ahead and tape up our bell connectors that we used and then we can go ahead and reinstall our taillight. We'll go ahead and tuck the wires safe and secure out of the way, then put the taillight back in and bolt it into place. Now we'll go underneath our truck. Our two wires are uneven lengths, so we'll go ahead and even them up, then add extensions to them. Now the kit does provide extensions for the green and brown wire. We'll go ahead and add those on using a couple extra bell connectors and then we'll go ahead and run them over to the passenger side, and once again, we'll use our old airline tubing to run it through. In this case, the factory hitch is hollow so we use it to run the wires through to the other side. Okay, once we've got it through, we'll go ahead and run it up through the taillights and basically we'll make our same connections as we did before. Our brown will go to brown, our green wire will go to our black wire, and our white wire will go to ground. In this case, we'll use our leftover white wire we had from the driver's side and go ahead and use that as an extension, and then ground it to the sheet metal. Now with our connections made, we'll go ahead and tape up the wires like we did before, and then we'll go ahead and reinstall the taillight. At this point, it's a good ideal to go ahead and try it out before we tie up our wires for good. We'll go ahead and apply power to the front of the truck. First off we'll check for our running lights circuit. Then we'll try our turn signals, our right turn and our left turn. Now we know our brake signal will be the same because on a combined system turn signal, it's the same as the brake signal. Okay, everything works. We'll go ahead and take a moment and go ahead and protect some of our wires and zip tie them up and out of the way. In this case we'll be using some loom material to help protect the wires as they go around sharp edges. Now the loom material we're using is part number 459075-1. We got the wire harness around our taillights done, now we'll go up front where we ran our wiring to the frame. We'll go ahead and add some more loom material there. Now one thing to note about our wire harness where it goes into the frame is this hole is nonexistent stock from the factory of the truck. This hole was drilled previously from the installation of the base plate. All right and with that, that'll finish it for our install part number BX8869 from Blue Ox on our 2009 Dodge Ram pickup 1500 series quad cab. .

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