Blue Ox Tail Light Wiring Kit Installation - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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How to Install a Blue Ox Tail Light Wiring Kit on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

All right today on this 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee were going to install part number BX8869 from Blue Ox. Our first step is go ahead and run our wire from the front to rear on our vehicle. When we do that we want to make sure we stay away from anything thats moving like the suspension component or anything hot like the exhaust. Okay, to route our wire what we do is start at the front immediately behind the radiator going straight up and go over the frame and around and behind the steering box, the non-moving part. Then we go up and over and around the bottom part of the air box and then back down around the frame below the steering shaft. Weve got plenty of room there and then we took a fish wire and we actually ran to one of the holes existing in a frame and we were able to run it back towards the rear axle and pull out our wire there.

Then we ran a new fish wire towards the end of a frame and we got a lot that was opening there we could pull through. Well take a ball of slack and run our wire to the back of the frame. With this wire well go ahead and route it to the driver side taillight. First well go ahead and remove the taillight to make things a little easier to pull the wire up. To disconnect the taillight well push on the red locking tab out of the way and well push on the tab to disconnect the wire harness.

Next well go ahead and locate a spot on our taillight so we can install our socket. Now this will require us to drill a 1-inch hole into the back of a taillight and well locate the spot right here. Then well go ahead and take the socket with the bulb and install it in place. Well also put a ring of silicone around it to help seal it up. Okay with our drivers side taillight ready to go, well go ahead and repeat the same process over on the passengers side.

Then well go ahead and start routing our wires. All right, now well go ahead and take our 4-pole wire harness and sneak it behind the bumper cover. Well remove four fasteners, plastic rivets and then two fasteners or two screws on each side. All right, then well sneak the wire behind the bumper cover and then reinstall the fasteners. Make sure we have plenty of length left over at each side.

Well start hooking up our wires on our drivers side. Now well not be exactly color for color. Starting with our black wire coming out of the socket, were going to hook it up to the yellow wire for our left turn signal. Now our brown wire will also connect up to the brown wire on the wire harness and then also a jumper from that butt connector over to the other side eventually. Our white wire will connect up to the white wire on the 4-pole harness and it will also jumper over to the other side. Then we go over to the passengers side, our black wire will be hooked up to the green wire and again, brown to brown and white to white. Now well also take our ground wire and they can jumper and go into the body as well. Now we used up all the parts in our wiring kit from Blue Ox, now we have to acc a connector upfront so we can plug our RV into. Were going to use two of the part numbers, the bracket will be part number 1181347 and our 4-pole round electrical connector PK11410. Now well take the bracket and we use a couple of self-tapping screws and attach it to the center cross braise on the tow bar. Then we can go ahead our wires and run it through the bracket and into our 4-pole connector. We hook up the wires to our 4-pole connector and well go ahead use the following color code. Looking at the connector on the very top two pins on the left hand side will be number one. Well run our yellow wire to that. Then just below on the left hand side will be a ground. That will be our white wire. On the right hand side well hook up the green wire. On the bottom on the right hand side will be brown. Once all our wires are hooked up well go ahead and secure the connector to the bracket. Then we go ahead and apply power and check out the functions. After testing wire harness and you see that it works, all right with that that will finish it for our install of part number BX8869 from Blue Ox on our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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