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TorkLift Talon Rear Camper Tie Downs Installation - 2015 Ford F-150

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How to Install the TorkLift Talon Rear Camper Tie Downs on a 2015 Ford F-150

Today on our 2015 Ford F150 we're going to be taking a look at showing you how to install Torklift talon custom frame mounting camper tie downs. These are aluminum designed for the rear of the vehicle. Part number is TLF3007A. These camper tie downs are designed to give us an excellent attachment point for our in-bed truck camper to help give us better handling as we're going down the road. That camper's not going to be leaning side to side as we're driving. We can get it nice and secure to increase our handling and stability while we're travelling. These are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum.

You're not going to have to worry about any rusting. Not going to have to worry about any corrosion. You can see here we've got our oblong holes. That's going to allow for great tie down attachment from our camper. In the more compact position, the position that'll have our brackets a little closer to the truck. As you can see these are going to overhang by just under 3 1/2 inches. We can quickly adjust this out to the extended position.

In our extended position we're now going to be out to about just under 7 1/2. That's going to give us a full four inches of adjustment to come out. Of course when not in use they're virtually undetectable. Completely removed just like that. As you see we're not losing an ground clearance.

We're not hurt the performance of the vehicle. We haven't drilled into the frame. It's completely no drill application. We use existing hardware holes that already here. It's a really nice, easy add-on to help us out with our travelling. To begin our installation we're going to start here on the passenger side.

If we look right at the end of the hitch cross member, here on the back side there's going to be three bolts that stick out. Each one of those bolts are going to have a nut on it. We want to remove those nuts. Again we're just going to do the passenger side only this time. Now we're going to push in on our nut plate. You might have to pry it a little bit. You may even have to just tap it with a hammer. We want to remove all of our fasteners here. The main obstacle is going to be on this middle bolt. It's kind of got a keeper watcher on it. See that one That little keeper and that keeper is what really hold it in place. As long as you bend those it'll come out. Now we're reading to grab our M14 bolts. We'll need three of them. Place a half inch flat washer on them. We're going to pass these right in through the holes where we just removed the plate. We'll want the threads of these to face the front of our truck. See we have there one, two, and three. Now we use our tinder washer. That's going to slide on our bolt. That's just meant to take up the space that would exist because of this little bracket that's welded on there. We'll bring in one of our plates. We want to position this over all three of our bolts. Just like that. All right now we hold our bolts in from the back and we want to position our bracket up and on. At all three locations we'll slide on a flat washer, also a lock water, and then we'll thread on our nut. Just leave them hand tight for now. Now we'll check in our instructions. We want to find our torque specifications and we'll torque all three fasteners down appropriately. Now we're going to take our attachment arm. We're going to slide that in. You'll see two holes here to choose from. We've got our first setting that would be right there. Then our second setting we actually bring this in a little closer to the vehicle. We can really customize the way this is going to fit. Our bail clamp is going to come around, click on and keep everything in place while we're heading down the road. Once we've determined which of our arms we'll be using in which locations, Torklift provided us with some stickers there. Place these on. As you can see here, passenger rear. We'll know that's exactly where we need to put this each time. We won't have to figure it out or look into our instructions. Now that we've got our passenger side nice and secure we'll head over to the driver side and we'll repeat that exact same process. With everything torqued down to specification that's going to complete our installation of the Torklift talon custom frame mounting camper tie downs, part number TLF3007A on our 2015 Ford F150.

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