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TorkLift Custom Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs Review - 2008 Toyota Tundra

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Review of the TorkLift Custom Frame-Mounted Camper Tie Downs on a 2008 Toyota Tundra

Today on this 2008 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab Max, we're going to show you Part Number TLT2304. This is a TorkLift Custom Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs for the front of a truck. A few things to know about these tie-downs, that they provide separate attachment points for the front of your truck bed, left and right side, for securing a bed-mounted camper. Now, the rear tie-downs are sold separately. This does mount to the frame, and when it's not in use, the inserts are completely removable. This is our insert here. We're looking at the driver's side and it has two holes in it for your tie-downs that go up to your camper.

So, you see it goes back into the frame bracket right here. There's a quick-release pin right here, pull it apart, and you can even adjust it. You have two settings that you can use, and we also have about 5/8 of an inch of distance between the body and the insert. Go ahead and remove it out of the way. With the insert out of the way, if we can go ahead and show you the frame bracket.

The frame bracket mounts up at two points, use an existing hole up on top of the spring hanger. It goes through the frame, uses 1/2 inch hardware, and then it actually reuses this spring bolt right here. It attaches on the inside edge of the spring. It also the backside. It also uses all the factory hardware. This is what our driver's side looks like.

Now, I'll go ahead and show you how the passenger side installs. First off, we'll go ahead and loosen up this bolt. Now, we don't remove it, we just loosen it up. We'll go ahead and undo the nut on this side first, and we'll need to use a 19-millimeter socket and possibly a wrench on this side to hold the bolt in place. Then, what we'll do next, is go ahead and unthread the bolt out a little bit, probably about 1/2 inch to 5/8 of an inch, to give us working room to put the bracket in place. Now, this is going to be pretty tight, so probably we want our breaker bar to loosen up this nut.

There's a washer on here; it needs to stay in place. Let's go ahead just back out the bolt, probably about like I said, about 5/8 of an inch. Now we've got this prepared, we'll go ahead and show you the other hole that the bracket uses. This hole on top will be our second mounting point. Now, I did clean it up. There are some sharp edges that bolts can hang up on. I used a 9/16 drill bit just to help clean it out, and that was it. Not really necessary, but sometimes bolts do hang up on the edges. All right, let's go ahead and put our bracket in place. This may be a tight fit, so let's go ahead a rubber mount to help work it in place. All right, and once you've popped it into place over this here, it took considerable force to pop it up. Possible a bottle jack might help push it up as well. Then, I'm using an alignment tool; This can be like a thick screwdriver to help get to the last point, moving around to line up the hole. Then, we'll go ahead and run our hardware from the inside to the outside. We'll install a long hex bolt, a large, flat washer, put those two together, run it through your square hole in the frame right here, and then out through our bracket. Now, still under a little bit of a bind, we can go ahead and use that to our advantage. Let's go ahead and thread the bolt through and the threads will come out. One additional tool that the kit comes with is this bolt leader right here. Basically, on the driver's side, this will help you pull the bolt from the inside to the outside. Essentially, you just thread it on to the end of a bolt, now the threads of our bolt will get a flat washer and a nut. We'll go ahead and run our bolt back through the other side and reinstall the factory nut. Now, the manufacturer recommends you use Loctite and reinstall the factory nut. We'll be using Part Number LT37643, Loctite Blue Stick Threadlocker. Okay, with all our hardware loosely installed, we can go ahead and tighten down the bolts down for good. Now, we're going to tighten up the top bolt. We'll go ahead and put a wrench to hold the place on this side. Now, on a driver's side, when you do that, you'll need a deep well socket for that, and you'll have to reach up like this to get access to it. With our bracket installed on the passenger side, we'll go ahead and install the insert, line up the holes, and put in the clip. All right, that will finish it for our install, Part Number TLT2304, TorkLift Custom Frame-Mounted Camper Tie-Downs for the front on our 2008 Toyota Tundra Crew Cab Max. .

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