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Titan Chain Diagonal Alloy Cable Snow Tire Chains Installation - 2020 Mazda CX-30

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How to Install the Titan Chain Diagonal Alloy Cable Snow Tire Chains on a 2020 Mazda CX-30

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby and today we're taking a look at the Titan chain, snow tire chains with steel rollers here on our 2020 Mazda CX 30. Now these guys are going to be a great light weight application and light duty application to make sure that we do have a way out of snow and ice and not be stuck in. To give us a little bit of traction and of course, to bring us up to compliance with state laws. That way we, of course, do have a snow tire chain in the back of our vehicle in case of emergencies.

And these guys are gonna be really simple and easy to throw on. I think that's some of the big advantages you might see from this guy. If you are stuck in that snow and ice, not going to take us too much time to actually get these guys strapped on and get us rolling and get us out of those elements. Now however, they're not going to be the most aggressive form. So if you do find yourself, fighting in a lot of medium to heavy duty, kind of snow and ice, these are primarily, probably not going to be the greatest option for you.

Yes, they're going to give you a little bit of traction. Yes, they're going to bite in but because of how these steel rollers work, they're just not going to do as good of a job as your standard kind of chain links or even those twisted links. Now the Mazda does have a very low clearance on the inside of our wheel well, so I doubt we'll ever be able to get up to those V-Bar kind of requirements. However, it is going to be something to note that we aren't going to have anything kind of too crazy actually biting into that snow and ice for ourselves. However, the installation itself makes it very easy to throw on.

Not going to take us too much time. And if we take a closer look, we are seeing, we are getting a nice diagonal pattern on here. What that means is we're kind of getting the hybrid between this diamond and ladder style chains that we might see out there. Now that ladder style gives you very nice start and stop maneuver. However, we are getting that slightly incorporated diamond style with that diagonal.

So yes, we're getting nice start and stop, but we're not losing too much on our turning radius and it's gonna make for a smoother ride overall. And of course, since we had the steel rollers, that in itself is going to make this way smoother as they are going to be gliding, of course, across it. With the steel rollers too, it is going to be road accessible. So unlike V bars, we are going to be having a fine time driving on driveways or any kind of roads for that matter. As you'll see today, we do have this on our front tire. That is because the Mazda is a all wheel drive vehicle. However, since most of our weight is in the front, We're gonna go ahead, throw it on our front tires. That way we're getting as much purchase and traction as we can on the road. While our installation is going to take too much time at all, let's go ahead and take a look at how we got them on here. For our first part of our installation we'll go ahead and lay out our tire chains like so. Big things we're looking out for. Don't want to make kinda, making any kind of kinks. Any of our chains kind of being looped up on themselves. Now with our roller style, not going to have the same problems that you're probably going to have from a lot of those traditional tire chains. As you're not going to have to be rolling those links over, making sure they're fitting nicely. The only things I'd look out for making sure these cables aren't kind of looped through out of them. It makes it really easy to actually take these guys apart. And that's one of the big real reasons the steel rollers are nice and easy to use. Another thing to note too, we make sure our tire side up is facing us in this position as we'll be throwing this under our vehicle and bring it across and casing it. So we don't want to have any kind of hard contact with this side. As you can see, that would start doing damage to our wheel and that way we have a nice smooth side preventing any kind of damage. Well, now that we do look good, I'm going to go ahead and I see had this middle part here in the middle. We'll go ahead and throw this underneath my tire, like so. Trying to get that far side across, of course. Then we can start fitting this on our tire. Can be helpful to just adjust it a little bit here. And then we going to go ahead and start making our back connection by grabbing this end. And our other end here, hugging close to our wheel, then bringing them up into position here in the middle. Just like so. Now we can start getting this across the entirety of our wheel. To do so, I'm gonna go ahead and bring up my first connection to the top here. Just like so. And once I feel pretty well situated across my wheel, I can go ahead and make my last connection in the front. Now you are going to see it's going to be pretty loose. I might try to fight this top guy just a little bit to get this second connection here. It looks like we're pretty close there. Well, it seems like we're a half an inch away from it, so that's going to be okay, but we do have a nice little rubber tensioner that comes with this that's really going to take a lot of that slack out. So one more time, make sure that all my cables are nice and set. I'm gonna go ahead and take my rubber tensioner and start kind of fitting it in a diamond pattern. That way we get an even pull towards the center of our wheel the entire time. Of course, be careful, as it is rubber. Can tension back like that. So we go ahead and make our connection going down with the side here and now up and away. Of course, trying to offset each one of our connections with a different connection. And there's going to be a thicker side and a thinner side. Of course, that thick side for that rubber tensioner, the thinner for our cables. And with one last connection, we are going to be nice and set. You can see that does a good job of pulling in all that excess. And we are going to have just a little bit of movement on here. Nothing too crazy. And of course, that is actually going to help our steel rollers as they are sitting on there. So one thing to do with this though is actually to go ahead, hop in our vehicle and try to come forward, back and forth. It's going to go ahead and start sealing itself. This rubber tensioner is going to do a good job. I was starting to add tension to that but now that I can see we have pretty good contact across the entirety of our wheel, I think we are pretty set. Well, as you guys saw that installation didn't take too much time at all. Of course, we always recommend trying to do it in your own garage a few times. Definitely gonna be helpful to kind of get to know your tire chains before you are stuck somewhere where you really, really need them. So it can definitely go a long way. Just making that application way easier for ourselves. I am a big fan of the steel rollers. If you're not needing a lot of bite in that snow and ice, these are going to be a great job. Just getting you through that light dusting, you know, nothing too crazy going on. Again with the clearance of the Mazda, I think we're going to be hard pressed to kind of really get anything crazy on here. I might see us getting some square links and twisted links, definitely not going to be a D bar and also a great thing with these two, they do come in as little handy case. Can be great for kind of collapsing them all and throw them in there. And that way we can go ahead, throw them inside our vehicle with no trouble at all. It does a good job too, of keeping any of that sleet out of our vehicle, once we do take the chains off. That way, we're not dirtying the inside of our Mazda. Well, I think that about does it for a look at the Titan chain, snow tire chains with steel rollers here on our 2020 Mazda CX 30. I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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