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Review and Installation of Timbren Vehicle Suspension Enhancement System

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Timbren Vehicle Suspension Enhancement System Review and Installation

Today on the 2001 Ford Ranger we are going to install part number TFRR0504A from Timbren. Before we started we actually did a few test runs. We did it fully loaded, halfway loaded, and empty. Now we will go ahead and install the Timbren kit and then we will go ahead and try it again.

The suspension enhancement actually replaces the factory bump stop right here. What is going to happen is we have got to take off this factory bump stop, it comes off there is usually a bolt on top, and there is a part that comes down here that gets clamped onto the axle and replaces the bump stop here on the bottom. Lets go ahead and take this off first.

We will go ahead and start the sub assembly. Whats going to happen is this screw will go on the inside. So just take it and put it into the end of the socket, and there is a little washer inside so you have to work it inside the washer. And it is going to bolt on to the top of this bracket here. And this bracket will actually get bolted onto the bottom of the truck. All right when you tighten these down you want to get these about hand tight. All right we will go ahead and install this part on the bottom of the frame now.

Go ahead and slide our lower bracket into place. Take care, stay away from any brake lines or any other components. Line it up straight. And then what happens is the clamp goes on the bottom and the two bolts will go through and hold it into place. When you tighten down the bolts you want to do them evenly on both sides. With one complete we will go ahead and move to the other side and start on that one.

On the one completed side you can see that we have about one inch of space between the rubber bushing and the bracket below it. When you get loaded up it is going to take up that space. The more load on it the harder it works. Here we go again, after the install we will show you how we can reduce the body roll in it with the heavy, light load, and no load. With a few simple steps and a couple simple hand tools we have our suspension enhancement installed. And there you have it for part number TFRR0504A from Timbren.

Brice O.


would be nice to maybe have just taken some clearence measurements to show comparison

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


Good point. That's something we definitely try to do now with these videos, but weren't able to when installing the Timbrens on this particular truck.

Norman R.


I am getting some bounce from my travel trailer. The trailer weights weight is 7200 lbs with at tongue weight of about 850 lbs. Figure full loaded trailer is about 8,000 lbs. I am pulling it with a 2010 Tundra extended cab. I am using a Reese pro series weight distribution hitch rated for 10,000 lbs with 1,000 tongue weight. Spring bars are loaded by pulling up on the hitch and latching them into place. Truck sag in rear just over an inch in the back and about 3/4 inch in the front watched your videos. Would installing the Timbren Rear Suspension help? The bounce occurs over dips and depending on the degree of unevenness on concrete highways.

Patrick B.


Norm, First check to make sure that the trailer, once loaded, is still under the 1,000 pound tongue weight limit of the WD system. If the numbers are good, then a suspension enhancement would be in order. The Timbrens should help your bouncing. As your truck springs compress, the Timbrens will start to contact your axle and share the load. Think of it as a second set of springs that will engage only when the OEM springs have been exerted to certain point. Then the Timbrens will kick in and share the load. Our customers that have installed them really end up liking them. They've had great success keep their trucks level and not bottoming out like they were before. If you need anything else, please contact us.

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