Timbren Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement Installation - 2017 Winnebago Fuse Motorhome

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How to Install the Timbren Rear Axle Suspension Enhancement on a 2017 Winnebago Fuse Motorhome

Ryan: Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer.com. Today on our 2017 Winnebago with a Transit 350 HD chassis, we're going to be taking a look at and showing how to install the Timbren suspension enhancement for our rear axle.More often than not, these type of vehicles are going to be loaded down with either a lot of passengers or a lot of cargo. That can cause a few things to happen. It can give us that unresponsive steering, it can affect our braking and our suspension feel, and it can also cause our back end to sag. All of those things are anything but desirable. They're going to cause our vehicle to not only sway as we go down the road, but it's also going to cause it to rock.

That's where our Timbrens are going to come into play.Now our Timbren springs are going to replace our factory-style jounce bumpers. They're going to be a major improvement. Compared to our factory-style jounce bumper that I have here, which just sits up there, our Timbren spring is actually going to contact our rear axle the whole time, enhancing our suspension and giving that cushion, as opposed to our factory-style jounce bumper, which more or less is just going to stop our axle from bottoming out.Now our springs are going to be made from rubber, and they're going to be hollow on the inside. That's what's going to help stabilize and level our vehicle. Before I put our Timbrens on, I took our vehicle out for a spin to see how it would perform with the factory suspension.

I noticed a few things. The first thing I noticed when I was going over bumps, that our backend would really come down hard and take a while to recover and reach that original ride height position where it should be. Which in turn, that caused my steering wheel to feel sloppy and just overall throw me around inside.Another thing I noticed when I was making evasive maneuvering, doing some slaloming, could really feel how top-heavy our vehicle was. It was really swaying hard from left to right, the steering was unresponsive, and our brakes we're kind of soft too. Now since we have them installed, let's take it out and see how much better the ride is.

Now as I do some evasive maneuvering, right off the bat you can tell it is way better. Notice a huge difference. There's way less body roll, our steering feels much more responsive, and overall it just feels like it'll be a much safer and smoother ride.Now compared to other types of suspension enhancements such as air bags, we're not going to have the adjustability with these as we would with the air bags. However, these are going to be maintenance-free. All we have to do is put them on and forget about them.

Speaking of which, they're super easy to get installed, so let's go ahead and put them on together now.To begin our installation, we're going to need to jack up our vehicle in a way that our rear axle will come off the ground and hang freely. To do that, you're going to want to jack up one side of the frame until our wheels come off the ground, and place a jack stand under it to make sure you're safe.Here underneath, once our axle is hanging freely, we're going to come over to the factory jounce bumper and we're going to pull that out. To do that, you'll just grab it, work it back and forth, and pop it out of the housing. We'll set that off to the side. Now we can remove the actual housing. It's going to be held in place with one 13mm bolt.Now we'll take our Timbren spring. I do want to point out that the hole in the bottom of our Timbren spring, that will be facing down towards the ground like this. We're going to take our puck and put that on top, followed by our metal bracket. This will sit flat against the top like so. Now what we're going to do is take the included bolt. It'll be the longer ones, are the ones that we're going to be using, and put that through the bottom of our Timbren. Just take a 3" extension and a 16mm socket. Put that over the head of our bolt inside. That'll just give us more control with keeping that bolt up and being able to turn it.While we're holding everything together, what we're going to do is thread our bolt into that factory hole that our original jounce bumper was attached to. For now we'll just turn our bolt by hand. That way, we can get it started. It'll hold itself in place. Then we can come back with our ratchet and tighten it down. Once you have it completely tightened down, you can sneak all your tools out. Just repeat that same process over on the other side. That'll do it for our look at and our installation of the Timbren rear axle suspension enhancement on our 2017 Winnebago with a Transit 350 HD chassis.

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