Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System Installation - 2009 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System on a 2009 Ford F-150

Today on our 2009 Ford F150 we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, part number TFR1504D. This is what our truck's original suspension looks like. You can see our rear axle taking the brunt of our heavy load. This will result in our rear end sagging while the front end rise is giving us decreased stability, steering, and traction. Afterwards the Timbrens are installed, you can see that our rear suspension will have increased stability. Our truck will have better performance while hauling heavy loads because our truck is leveled out from front to back. You're going to have a hollow Aeon Rubber Spring here. That's going to help compensate for an off-center load, so if you have more weight on one side of the vehicle than the other, it's going to allow it to operate separately from one side to the other.

It's not going to affect the empty ride of your vehicle, so when there's no load on, you're not going to feel a difference in how it rides. Here's what our kit's going to consist of. We're going to have our left and right brackets, our Timbren spacers, and there's also an additional one inch spacer if your vehicle has a little extra ride height in the back. Then we'll have our supplied hardware to install everything. Let's go ahead and show you how to install them. To begin installation, we're going to need to remove the factory bump stop using a 13 millimeter socket.

We can go up through the inside and we remove the bolt. We're just going to set these aside as they will not be reinstalled. Anything we do on the driver's side is going to be the same on the passenger's side with the exception of the brackets, which one will be marked left and the other one's going to be your right. We'll take our shortest bolt with a lock washer on it, and we're going to place it up into the location that we removed our factory bumper from. You want to make sure you have the two tabs pointing to the inside of the frame rail.

We can go ahead and snug that down. Now that we have that tight, we can go and install our new spacer. You want to make sure you have your vehicle jacked up in the back so we have the most amount of space in here. We're using a large jack stand in the back to give us our area. Now, you'll notice on our Timbren spacer on the inside on both of them, there's going to be a large flat washer that's already installed. You want to make sure we put that all the way to the top.

Then we'll take the next length of bolt, as we have three different sizes as you can see. The medium one's going to be for just this spacer. If you have to use the additional spacer in between, you would use the longer bolt. We want to make sure we get that bolt through the washer on the inside as well. Now we can go ahead and slip it up into position. We'll start it into the weld nut that's already installed onto our bracket. Now we're going to take a ratchet and we can run that down. Once we have them all tightened down, we're going to go ahead and lower our vehicle back down. Now with our vehicle back at ride height, we want to look at the distance between our Timbren and our axle. You want it to be between a half and one and a half inches of distance in here. If it's greater than that, you're going to install this one inch spacer between the bracket and the Timbren itself with the longer bolt that's supplied. This one's about 3/4 to 7/8 of an inch, which is perfect. It's in our window. We can go ahead and finish the other side. Then we can take it out for a drive. That's going to do it for our look at and install of the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, part number TFR1504D, on our 2009 Ford F150.

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