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Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System Installation - 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

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How to Install the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System on a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado

Today on our 2009 Chevrolet Silverado we are going to show you how to install the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, part number is TGMRCK35S. Here you can see our Timbren installed. It is going to give us a nice fuller stop here, our actual jounce stop, or jounce bumper was only about this long. This is going to allow us, with no contact here, to have no real change in the unloading handling of our vehicle. As we apply our load it is going to bring this down and it is going to rest on those jounce stops. That's going to give us improved suspension.

The more the load increases the more performance we are going to get out of the Timbren. We don't have to adjust air, we don't have to change air pressures. They are designed to work independently of each other, so if we've got more of a load on the passenger side than the drivers side, it will be able to instantly compensate for that, rather again than having to change air pressure side to side and try to get it leveled out. Now you can really see what a difference the Timbrens make. We don't have nearly the body roll, we don't have near the movement side to side, and it really has made it much smoother in hauling this load in the back. The cracks in the road aren't as obvious and it feels like we really have much better handling. What we want to do before we get our suspension installed is we want to test it out and see exactly how this is going to improve for us. What we are going to do is we are going to take a measurement from the ground to the inside top edge of the rear fender well, and also the front.

Looks like here at the rear probably about forty-one and a half at it's lowest point. Now let's check the front. Right at about thirty-eight inches. Now what we are going to do is add about a hundred and fifty gallons of water to the back of the truck, and of course that is going to make the suspension squat. We'll get another measurement after we do that. With that weight in the back we are down to about thirty-nine and three quarters of an inch.

Something that we really wouldn't expect, we always expect that it just pushes the back down, but it has actually brought the front up now to about thirty-eight and a half. All right, now with that same weight in the back and our Timbrens in place let's take a look. You see, that's actually brought us up almost an inch. We are right back up to about forty and three quarters, so there is a lot less sag going on. Let's head to the front. Here we'll have another added benefit, this has actually come right back down to where we had it from the factory, right back down to that thirty-eight inches.

That means we are going to have that night level beam on our headlights, we'll have the appropriate weight pushing down on our front tires which is going to improve handling and also braking control. Now here's what the kit is going to look like when we pull it out of the box with the exception of this not being pre-assembled. We've assembled that so you can kind of see how it looks. We are going to have the aeon hollow, aeon rubber bumps here. These are going to come down and contact our jounce stops under a heavy load situation. Cool thing about them is the more load that we put in they are going to expand out just a little bit, but they are going to offer us additional support, so the more weight, the more support. This makes this a very good high performance rear suspension enhancement. In the kit you are going to have the four bolts that you are going to need to attach our upper bracket. It is going to attach right to the jounce bumper existing location. This is a custom fit so we don't have to worry at all about drilling holes or modifying the frame. Now in our thirty-five hundred HD application it is going to look just like that. You do have a rubber puck and a little bit longer bolt designed to come up through and tie into our bracket. These are going to be for a little bit heavier duty applications, so we can just set these aside. We'll take our bolt, we are going to place it into a socket with an extension, then inside of our bumper we are going to have a flat washer. We want to be sure the bolt goes through that flat washer. Once we're sure we've got it through the flat washer we can just bring it right out of the top of our spring. We can thread that bolt right into the weld nut that has already been attached to our bracket there. This is a locking style nut so it will take a little bit of force to get your bolt tightened down. All right, perfect. Now we've got these pre-assembled, let's go ahead underneath the truck and get those factory jounce bumpers out of the way. Now on our jounce bumper we are going to have a nut here on the back side, and also right here on the front side. Now it is going to be a really good idea to hit these with some penetrating oil. We've actually soaked them down a couple of times just to make sure that it gets through there well. Then we can just take a simple socket ratchet here, place it on top and we'll start backing those out. Now hang onto your jounce bumper and also the nuts that you remove just in case you ever make any changes or maybe you switch trucks and you want to switch your Timbrens over to the other truck. Nice easy swap out. Then we can just replace these, put them back in place. Now we'll head over to our passenger side and we'll do the exact same thing there. Now we are ready to take our provided hardware, we'll put our bolts right down through the holes that we created when we removed our jounce bumper, then on the rear one we can take one of our flat washers and one of our locking nuts and get that threaded right one there. Now we're just going to bring this right where our jounce stop was, line that up with our hole. Then on the front we can take one of our flat washers and one of our locking nuts and get that threaded right on there. Now we'll tighten down our bolts here on the front first. Then we can tighten up the one in the rear. With everything nice and snug that completes today's installation of the Timbren Rear Suspension Enhancement System, part number TGMRCK35S on our 2009 Chevrolet Silverado.

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