Timbren Front Suspension Enhancement Installation - 2015 Thor Challenger Motorhome

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How to Install the Timbren Front Suspension Enhancement on a 2015 Thor Challenger Motorhome

So I'm here at etrailer.com, and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Timbren suspension enhancements on our 2015 Thor Challenger motor home.Now, motor homes can be great. We can take a lot of trips, spend time with our family, see a lot of places that we've never seen before. But one thing that nobody really talks about when it comes to motor homes, is how bad they handle, and how much sway they really have.So, a lot of times we're driving down the road, a gust of wind may come, or a truck driving down the highway, it's gonna start pushing us around. 'Cause let's face it, there's a lot of area for wind to catch. And that could be very scary going down the road in such a big vehicle, and not feeling like you have control.And our Timbrens are gonna alleviate a lot of that feeling. We're gonna feel a lot more stable and under a lot more control of our motor home, inaudible 00:00:42 it is gonna brace everything, and we're not gonna have such a mooshy feeling.So, here's what our Timbrens look like once we have them installed.

Now these are gonna replace our factory jump-stops, and they're gonna mount in between our frame and our axle.Now one thing I do wanna mention is that we have our motor home lifted up by the leveling jacks, not only so we can fit under here, get a little bit more room, but also so we can get these installed.Our Timbrens are gonna be in contact with the axle at all times, opposed to the factory bump-stop, which is really just there, and only gonna make contact with the axle when we bottom out. And our Timbrens are gonna provide us a lot of cushion and absorb a lot of that road shock when we're going down the road.Now when it comes to suspension enhancements for your motor home there are a lot of different options. And what I like about these compared to say, air bags . once these are installed, we can completely forget about them. There's no maintenance involved, not gonna have to worry about air pressure, running lines or maintaining the air pressure inside the bag.Now, we have had a lot of customers write in and saying how much they enjoy them, and they really can't believe how much of a difference these make when driving down the road.But our Timbrens are gonna be a really straightforward installation, they're gonna come with all the hardware, brackets and springs necessary to get them installed.

And the best part is we're not gonna have to lift our motor home off the ground. We can do all this with all four tires still on the ground in our driveway.To start our installation, I want to mention that we have our motor home parked, and it's on level ground. We've got the emergency brake applied, but we do have our leveling jacks down just a little bit. We don't need to lift the tires off the ground, but we wanna little bit of stretch on that front suspension so we can get our parts in place.So we're gonna come underneath our motor home, and we're gonna start on our drivers side here, and we wanna come right above the front axle. Here we're gonna find our jump-stop, or our bump-stop, we're gonna pull that out.

So you wanna grab a short extension, and a 13mm socket, and if you come up from the bottom, we're gonna break it loose, but keep in mind that if we look up, on top of the frame here, it's actually gonna have a nut that's holding it in place as well.So you wanna break it loose. Just so it's easier to turn, but then I'm gonna grab a 15mm wrench, and we use that to hold the nut on top while we pull the bolt out. Once everything's fully loose, we'll remove the nut, and the jump-stop.So I'm gonna grab our spring as well as the upper bracket from our kit, and if you look on the bottom of that upper bracket we're gonna have a hole, and if you look inside there is gonna be a nut welded on there.We're gonna line up that hole with the top of our spring here. Just get as close as we can. Then we're gonna turn it over.

And if we look inside of our spring, you'll notice there's gonna be a washer in there. We wanna get that as flat as we can, so that it'll sit on the bottom of the spring. And we're gonna take the smaller bolt that comes in our kit, and you're gonna wanna grab a 16mm socket and an extension, and just so that washer doesn't fall over or I don't drop my bolt, I'm gonna kind of turn my spring sideways, till I can get it to come through the top of the spring. I'll take our bracket, make sure everything lines up, and you wanna get it started by hand to make sure it doesn't cross thread. We can tighten that bolt up, to where it's not gonna move anymore.So now we're gonna grab our spring, and that second hole that's in the upper bracket here, that's gonna line up with the hole that we removed our jump-stop from. Just wanna make sure that this tapered section is on the outside of the frame, and that'll sit just like this once we get everything lined up.But before we get everything fully secure, gonna grab the larger bolt out of our kit, and a flat washer, we're gonna go up from the bottom going through our spring. Then we're gonna lift it up, the bolts gonna go through the frame, and we'll take a nylon lock nut and secure it to the top there.Now I'm gonna come back with a 19mm wrench and socket, or you can use a 3/4 inch wrench and socket, and I'm gonna tighten up the nut making sure that it draws my bracket all the way up and sits nice and square.Now on the passenger side there is gonna be a little bit different process to get our old spring out and attach the new one. We're not gonna have any access to get a wrench to the inside of the frame to hold the nut, but there's a weld nut in the frame, so we just need to remove the bolt here. Now, once we get everything out, since there is a weld nut, we're not gonna be able to use the new hardware, so I reuse the old bolt, but still use the washer to attach the bracket to the frame here.Everything else is gonna be exactly the same.That'll finish up your look at the Timbren suspension enhancement systems, on our 2015 Thor Challenger motor home.

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