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Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars Installation - 2019 Subaru WRX

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How to Install the Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars on a 2019 Subaru WRX

Colin: Hey everyone, it's Colin here at etrailer and today we have a 2019 Subaru WRX. We're going to test fit the Thule WingBar Evo Roof Rack System on it. This is going to be for naked roofs, this is going to be a really good accessory to add to your WRX. You can get a lot of rooftop accessories loaded up, whether you've got a bike rack, kayak carrier, maybe even a rooftop cargo box. Now this roof rack system like I said, it's for naked roofs. Up top we have our 53 inch long WingBar Evo Crossbars, right now we have them in black.

You can see it matches the black color of our Subaru right now very well. But if your Subaru is not black, but you would prefer to have a different color like silver to match yours better, then we have that available here at etrailer. These are going to be very durable, they have a nice aluminum construction to them, it's going to help resist rust and corrosion. We can open up our end cap and see if we can access our T slot right here.What's nice is that we don't have to pull the rubber strip out and cut it to length. We can just slide our T slot accessories between the two rubber strips and then get it to the correct place on our roof and tighten it down.

Now right here, we're going to have our Evo Clamp Feet Kit. This is going to be what's connecting our crossbars to our roof, kind of the middleman almost if you count the fit kit. Now we'll pop the end cap off and you can see the inside, we're going to have our bracket right here where our rubber-coated hook goes in. Our bolt that we tightened down is inside right there, when we put our end cap back on it covers it all up and what's nice is that you can actually replace these plastic locks with Thule same Key System. That'll just give more security for your roof rack.

Now right here we have a rubber coated hook, when you have these refracts that are for naked roofs they always have a fit kit right here.You can see how it matches the contours very well on the inside of our Subaru, lines the roof very well to make sure it has a very snug fit. I'll open up the door so you can see how that rubber coated hook is working. It's just catching our doorframe right here, that rubber coating is going to make sure it doesn't harm or scratch the finish of your paint and that thick rubber pad is also going to make sure not to harm or scratch the finish. Now I want to go over a few measurements for you guys, first from the top of our roof to the bottom of our crossbar is going to be three inches. That should be more than enough space to get any clamp-on accessories underneath your crossbar without risking damaging the rooftop of your Subaru.

Now, if we go from the top of the roof to the top of our crossbar, it's going to be 4 1/4 inches. You want to keep that in mind, because you do have that added height to your roof. Now with the Subaru WRX, it's a sedan so it sits low.You're not going to have to worry about low clearance situations really at all, but it is something to keep in mind. Now this roof rack is going to have a weight capacity of 220 pounds, that's going to be more than enough to get your accessories up here and load it up for your trip. I do want to point out, you should always check your WRX's owner's manual. Make sure your rooftop can handle that weight. Now that we've gone over some of those features, let's show you guys how to get this installed. We're going to start by just flipping over our crossbar. You can see we have it partially assembled on this side, so we'll come over here, do this side. We're going to remove the end cap first. All you do is push down on this button, pull the end cap off. Now we're going to get our clamp foot assembled and installed. We've already looked at the instructions that we have the correct pad and the correct clamp.You can see the number for the hook is going to be right under there, you may not be able to see it on camera, but if you get it under the light then you'll be able to read it. Then on our pad, it's going to be at this bottom corner right here. So just make sure you match the numbers with the location on the roof. We already have our front crossbar installed, so we'll get this one up there as well. This pad is going to go on this bracket right here on our Evo Clamp Foot. You can kind of see how the shapes match each other. So just press that on, just give it a good press, make sure it clips on all the way around. Now once we have that on, we're going to grab our rubber-coated hook and put it inside this bracket right here. You just put it in there and push till you hear a click. You can you see it's locked in there. So now I want to come over to the side of our crossbar.We're going to push in on these two silver buttons right here, it's going to open up the channel right there. You see when I push in this part raises up, it's going to allow us to get this installed into the chanum 00:04:17 of our crossbar. We have the scale already set to 37 1/2 per our instructions. The numbers are engraved on the scale. Again, you may not be able to see it on camera but you will be able to see it in person. So pushing on those silver buttons, slide it in until it butts up against the scale like that. Let go, now it's locked in place. We'll take our end cap, put it on and now we're ready to get on our roof. Now with both back doors open, we'll raise our crossbar over top of our roof, get that hook set in place and then over here as well. Now, what we're going to do is get our tape measure out and measure our crossbar spread. What we're going to do is measure from the front of our rear bar to the front of our front bar.It's going to be 27 1/2 inches per our instructions, we need to come up a little bit so we'll do that. Probably a little bit too far, yep. Then again, you want to repeat this for the other side as well and make sure you get it as close as possible. Now before we go any further, I do want to point out that we got the front crossbar installed by measuring from the top of our windshield to the edge of our clamp foot right there, 9 1/2 inches on both sides. Then we tightened it down and that gave us our ability to measure our crossbar spread 27 1/2 inches. Now that we've got our crossbar in place, what we're going to do is just get the slack out, you can see how the silk is pretty loose, it's not making contact with our doorframes. So we're just going to take our included tool, tighten it down until it makes contact and there's a little bit of tension on it. Now from there, we're going to go do this on the other side as well.This done so that you do not have too much pull on one side when tightening it down. So it says even as possible. Now that we have the hook making contact ends and tension, We're just going to make our way back and forth on each side, give them a couple of rotations per side to get it fully tightened down as evenly as possible. Now we've gone back and forth a couple of times and we've gotten the other side of fully tightened down, we'll just finish up this side now. This tool is going to let you know when it's fully tightened down, by giving you these audible clicks right there and you know it's tight. We'll go ahead and just shut our door. Now we'll grab our end cap and put that on, and it's always a good idea to grab a hold of your roof rack. Give it a good shake just to make sure it's secure. You can see side to side, front and back if we're all good, up and down is good as well. So now we're ready to load up our favorite rooftop accessories and then hit the road.Well thank you all for watching, but that's going to do it for our test fit of the Thule WingBar Evo Roof Rack System on our 2019 Subaru WRX..

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