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Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars Installation - 2017 Toyota RAV4

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How to Install the Thule WingBar Evo Crossbars on a 2017 Toyota RAV4

Hey everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer and today we're taking a look at our Thule roof rack system with the 50 inch long wing bars as well as the Evo feet for your raised rails of your 2017 Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 is a super popular vehicle for a good reason. It's very versatile. You can take this out for your different adventures. You can fit all your friends inside, but if you need a little extra cargo space or you wanna carry fun accessories like kayaks or bike racks or roof boxes or roof baskets what you need is a roof rack system. So that's what this is for is gonna be the roof rack system from Thule and it has 50 inch long crossbars and I'll tell you why that's important.

For crossbar length, you want a good balance because if it's too long it might just stick out past the vehicle and look kind of silly. If it's too short, you won't get enough overhang. So for overhang on our crossbar system here, we have about two inches up front and then in the back we have about three and 3/4 inches because the RAV4 has kind of uneven raised rails. You can actually pick and choose where you wanna put your crossbars and your towers though. So for maximum possible crossbar spread it would be about 39 inches of crossbar spread and that's how far apart it is.

I have it set to about 25 because that's a good middle of the road number for most of your accessories. These are the Evo towers and they fit around your raised rails with a clamp. So they have this end cap here. It comes with a plastic lock core but you can switch them out for your Thule metal lock cores. Just make sure to get a whole batch so you can get them all keyed alike.

Pop that open and you get easy access to your towers and you even have an included wrench with a torque spec of four Newton meters to make sure it's secure on your raised rails. These are aero bars, meaning that they have less wind drag and wind noise compared to your round and square crossbars. You have this opening on the inside for your T-track mounted accessories. You just flip this cap open and you can now access those accessories. I've noticed though, after a little bit of time and wear and tear, these may tend to come apart, but at least it makes it easier for you to slide these accessories through.

So if your RAV4 has those raised rails meaning there's a gap underneath, then this is gonna be a great fit for you. Pretty much any roof rack can fit around raised rails and it's super fast to install as well as uninstall. In fact, let's take a look at that process. So we're gonna install our roof rack and we have the doors for the towers, we have the end caps, we have the tower and then we have the crossbar. This is gonna be a super simple process. I do recommend getting your tape measure though, just to make it easier. You're gonna grab that tower and slide it through the open crossbar. Then you're gonna get that end cap and just pop it on. Then making sure that the taller portion is facing the front and the tapered portion is facing back, you're gonna gently place them onto your raised rails. And since you have raised rails you can pick where you want your crossbars. I like to put them as far back as I can get them, but still have hatch clearance. Then you're gonna measure from center one crossbar to center of the other crossbar for your crossbar spread. So once you figure it out where you want your towers and your crossbars to sit, just start tightening it down and you are gonna have an included torque wrench. So tighten, so you hear the click. Then you're gonna put those end caps on all those towers and you can use your, either the lock core you have added to it or the plastic lock core, flip that to lock and then that's it for the install. So our personal thoughts about this roof rack system is that this is a great option if you like your Thule accessories and you have Thule roof mounted, let's say, a bike rack or roof box, then you can get your roof rack to match especially if you get these same lock cores. Now in terms of comparing it with some other brands I'm a huge fan of the Rhino-Rack system for the RAV4 just because it looks solid, it's very sturdy you don't really get it mixed around. Now the downside to the Rhino-Rack version is that you can't use your Thule lock cores with it plus you don't have the same type of aerodynamic style. So it's really just a matter of what type of look are you going for as well as what other accessories do you carry. Either way, this is a solid choice. And that right there was a look at our Thule roof rack system with the 50 inch long crossbars and the Evo feet for the raised rails of your 2017 Toyota RAV4..

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