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Thule The Stacker Rooftop Kayak Carrier Review - 2014 Toyota Prius v

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Review of the Thule The Stacker Rooftop Kayak Carrier on a 2014 Toyota Prius v

Hey everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we're gonna talk about how the Thule The Stacker kayak carrier fits on the 2014 Toyota Prius v. This is actually my car and I was very surprised to see how many kayaks I could fit on top of the car. So, I'll tell you what I did to make this happen, what are the dimensions and how to tie it down properly. So the roof rack I have on the Prius v is the Inno Aero roof rack with the 54 inch long crossbars and the Through feet. So you can use this with other types of crossbars too, if your crossbars are not longer than 54 inches though or if you have kayaks that are wider than mine this might not work out as well for you.

This includes one strap kit set. So that's gonna be the bow and stern strap with this easy to use tie down. You have two cam buckles. If you wanna carry around more kayaks, though, I use the etrailer kayak tie down kit. This also includes a hit hood anchor which is what I have my kayak's bow and sterns tied down to.

This does have a metal hook at the end, which I have attached to my hitch. If you don't have a hitch, you can use that anchor from the etrailer kit again, sold separately, and that's inside of the hatch. And when you don't have your kayaks up on there just yet, you can either fold down the kayak carrier or take it off. It's a very simple install process. Let's get a quick look at that.

So we're gonna install our kayak carrier and it really just involves four bolts, a clamp, and The Stacker. I do recommend laying down a towel on your roof first though that way you can prevent those scratches and dings. So use the bolts that are correct for your crossbar size and then drop them right in. Get your clamp to go underneath the cross bar and into those bolts and then use these wingnuts to tighten it down. And once they're tightened down, then if you're ready to load up your kayaks, go ahead put it into the upright position and tighten it down with the knob.

So we have three kayaks up on there and we're gonna get this fourth one on there too. You're gonna have your friend hold up the kayak while you go get the straps and strap it down. Notice how we have the inside kayak strapped underneath and then we're gonna have the top straps go over both kayaks and then around your crossbars. Make sure you're using your Thule buckle protector for that cam buckle. Go feed that strap through from underneath that way when you have it over your Kayak's open spot, you can cinch downwards. After you cinch down those cam buckles, go ahead and set up your bow and stern straps. So if you have a handle like this, you can just wrap that around, knot it into itself, do that on both sides. You have this easy to use rope as well as your tightener. So go thread that rope through it and then tie the other end to your included hook. So for my other straps, I used a hood and hatch anchor. So that's gonna be this. I just put that inside my hatch or my trunk. And then I attached the rest of the rope to it. Thule also has a semi-permanently mounted hood anchor strap that you can use. Otherwise, if you have a hitch, this will clip right into that hitch bracket. Then clip the strap to your carabiner and then pull this tight until you have that tension on your hatch trunk or hitch. This does have a 75 pound total weight capacity. Which means no matter what type of roof rack you do have, you're not gonna overweight it because they usually have more than 75 pounds worth capacity. The one thing you really are gonna have to keep an eye out though, is the length of your crossbars. Make sure they're within that 54 inch length. So my personal thoughts about the Thule The Stacker is this is probably the only way to carry around four kayaks on your Prius v. There's other similar kayak carriers from other brands. One example is the Rhino-Rack Nautic stacker. That's a good option too, but it's gonna work the same way. You're gonna have them stacked up. You won't really have cushion underneath and you're gonna have to get extra straps, if you wanna carry up to four kayaks. So hopefully this video helped you out with seeing if your roof rack will work for the system, if your kayaks will work for the system. But I know that the Prius v is capable of doing so. And that was a look at the Thule The Stacker kayak carrier here on a 2014 Toyota Prius v..

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