Thule Ski and Snowboard Carrier SnowPack Extender Review - 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

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Review of the Thule Ski and Snowboard Carrier SnowPack Extender on a 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

Adam: Hi everyone. Adam at Today we're going to be taking a look at the Thule SnowPack Ski and Snowboard Carrier on our 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe. So we are going to have about 29-1/2" of usable space on the inside of our carrier. And that's going to allow us to carry up to six skis or four snowboards. As you can see here, we have a hybrid and we actually do have a little bit more space here.

So if we did have a couple more friends that had skis, we could throw it up there as well. These are very, very useful.With the extension feature, all you got to do is press this lever here on both sides. We are going to fold this out like so. And as you can see, I could just pull these out. And we are going to have about 15" of extendable length just to make loading and unloading a lot easier.

So this is going to come in handy for those taller vehicles we may be loading this onto. But it's going to make it a very easy install to put your boards or skis into the carrier, especially if it is a lower riding car. As you can see it is still an arms reach from the ground.Push those in like that and once we're done, fold it and we are ready to hit the slopes. So our risers here are going to leave optimal space just so our hard bindings aren't going to be rubbing against the roof of our vehicle. And these risers also think about your vehicle as well.

We do have some stainless steel straps, but they are rubberized coated. So on all four spots you don't have to worry about your crossbars getting scratched or damaged. So if you're hauling your snowboard or skis around, odds are it's probably a little cold outside. So they did think about that when designing these carriers. We have an extra big button.

So if you had those bulky gloves on, you're going to be able to touch and latch that pretty easily. On top of that, these knobs here as well are going to have superior grip and it's not a small knob so you're going to be able to get it turned even with those big bulky gloves on.They also do think about your snowboards. We have an extremely soft rubber insert here and that's going to give you optimal grip on your snowboards and skis, but it's not going to scratch or damage them. So we are going to get two pairs of locking cores. We're going to get some down here on the actual feet and we're going to get some for our big button here. And they are going to be keyed alike and will come with your kit. So these carriers are going to be made of aluminum. And this one you're looking at now has a nice powder coated finish and it is black, but we do carry a silver one as well and it's going to have all these same exact features we just went over. So that is going to fit your needs a little bit better and match your gear or your ride. Go ahead and go on and pick the one that's right you.So a lot of you guys are wondering what kind of bars this carrier is going to fit on. It's going to fit on basically all of them. We have our factory bars here that we strapped it to. We also have round bars that will be compatible. On top of that, we have our aerial bars and square bars. I don't think we'll have any issues getting them on top of your roof rack system. So if you're in the market for a ski or snowboard carrier, Thule is going to have a lot of options with the SnowPack line. We do have the one we had here and it is going to be able to extend about 15", so it's going to be ideal for those taller vehicles you may have. But if you don't necessarily want that feature, we do have the option to grab a little bit more low profile one.It isn't going to sit as high and it is going to be able to fit with all the different types of crossbars. The same exact fit kit for the feet here, so you don't have to worry about choosing which one for your bars. They're both going to be able to clamp onto whatever crossbars that you may have on your vehicle. So just go on and pick the one that's right for you.So now that we've gone over some of those features of the carrier, let's just go ahead and show you how to install and load up. So the first thing we are going to need to do is mount our feet onto our snowboard carrier. To do that, underneath we are going to have two different screw holes here and here. To access one of them, we are going to have to press this lever and fold it up, and this will fold out. By folding that out, it's going to allow this to slide over like so. And then we can just go ahead and start screwing these in. And we are going to have a thread already on here. And the nuts are already going to be faceted into place there.And this you're going to start twisting until you get that desired tightness. So if you need a little bit more space in between your roof and the bottom of our carrier here, we do have a solution and it does come with the kit. We are going to get this piece here. It's just going to snap into place like so. But what we're going to have to do, as you can tell here, this stud is not going to be able to fit all the way through that spacer. But we do have a longer stud that comes with our kit so you don't have to worry. We're not going to use these for today, but if you needed more space, it comes with it. You don't have to worry about buying more.And for the second one here, we don't necessarily need to have this completely expanded so we can actually put that back the way it was and it will thread in the same. So then we can go ahead and put it onto our crossbars. Notice how I have this tab facing the passenger side of the vehicle that is just so if we have to pull over the side of the road and check, we're going to be checking away from all the traffic. You're going to fish these rubber bands underneath the crossbar. They're going to fit in the little groove there and this wheel right here is going to be what fastens it down. And feel free to favor it to one side just to make loading and unloading a little bit easier.Once you get it nice and tight, you can go ahead and give it a good shake and then we can go ahead and do the same exact thing on the other side. So we can take this band here, put it in that little groove and start tightening down. So now we can go ahead and load up our skis and snowboards. One thing that makes this product a little bit different than most, it's going to be really easy to load them up because we can actually lift this up, fold this out, and it will be able to extend just to make it a little bit easier loading up.I am going to put my skis first as it will be a little bit more difficult to get them all the way there. They're a little lighter. I try to utilize all of my pad space just so I can get as much gear on there as possible. And once we get everything in place, let's go ahead and clamp those down. We should be ready to hit the road.Well everyone, I hope this video helps answer some of those questions for you. And again, this was the Thule SnowPack Ski and Snowboard Carrier on our 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe.

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