Thule SquareBar Crossbars Installation - 2019 Hyundai Elantra

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How to Install the Thule SquareBar Crossbars on a 2019 Hyundai Elantra

Today we have a 2019 Hyundai Elantra and we're gonna do a test fit of the Thule Square Bar Crossbar Roof Rack System. As a roof rack mounts to the roof of your vehicle and allows you to get your favorite accessories on top of your roof, whether you wanna carry a bike rack, a kayak or even a smaller cargo box.It's made up of a couple of different components. First up top we have our 53 inch square bar crossbars. Now Thule has redesigned these so they do look pretty nice and what, in my opinion, is the coolest feature is that rather than having a foot pack that's special for the square bar, they actually have an included track in the bottom and now these Evo feet are gonna be able to fit your square bars and your wing bars.Now leading into our Evo feet for naked roofs, this is basically gonna be the middle man between the crossbar and the fit kit. The foot is going to install into that track and it's going to be tightened down right here using that bolt on the inside, leading down here to our thicket, we have a rubber coated hook that goes under our door frame. We're gonna have this nice thick rubber pad that's actually designed to fit the contours of our Elantra.

You can see that little lip that goes over the side. It's completely flush all the way around. Thule's really just gone out of their way to make sure you get that exact fit on your roof rack.Now the way that hook is gonna work is that when you open up the door you can actually see that it comes right under that door frame right there. It's again, custom fit to match those contours to make sure you get that nice snug fit. Once it comes up and tightened down, it basically pulls the hook up into the foot pack.

Then we put our end cap back on. We're also gonna see we have these plastic locks that can be replaced with Thule lock cores which are sold separately here at etrailer if you want more a secure fit for your roof rack.Now let's go ahead and give you some clearance measurements. First from the top of our roof to the bottom of our square bar, it's gonna be 3 inches which is more than enough space to get any clamp on accessories or accessories with rubber coated steel straps under the crossbar without harming the top of your roof. Now from the top of our roof to the top of our square bar, it's gonna be 3 7/8 inches, which you wanna keep that in mind because that's how much height you've added to the top of your vehicle. With your Elantra, you may never run into those situations but just in case you ever do, keep in mind that's how much you've added.

It's also gonna have a 220 pound weight capacity which is a step up compared to some other roof racks out there, but do be sure to double check with your Elantra's owner manual to make sure your roof can handle that weight.Now you see my front bar is installed already. The rear one's gonna install and assemble the exact same way. I've got it partially assembled on my table. Let's go ahead and get it the rest of the way. So we just flip our square bar over.

First thing we wanna do is grab our Evo foot. I'm gonna take the pad from our fit kit and you do wanna make sure that you get the correct number pad, the number is gonna be on this corner. It's engraved in there, if you can't see it on camera just get it in some light and you'll see it. Just pay attention to your instructions on where it goes based on front right, meaning passenger, or front left meaning driver side. So just push that pad on til it clamps itself on. Now from there we're gonna grab the hook that comes in our fit kit and again, these are numbered. It's right on the inside. You can hardly see it without having some type of light to reflect off it, although with our Elantra it's all gonna be the same number so you don't have to worry about it. What we're gonna do is push it into that slot and just push til you hear a click. There, give it a couple tugs and we'll see it's locked in place.Now let's come over to the side of our crossbar, we need to pull the end cap off. Then what we're gonna do is push in on these two silver buttons right there. When we do that's gonna unlock the channel lock right there, give you an example. See that part comes up, unlocks right there. So we need to make sure that the hook is facing the outside. We have this scale right here that we talked about that they included on the square bar. We need to go to the number they specify in the instructions. Once you have that number, just go ahead and go to that mark. Then once you let go of those silver buttons, it's gonna lock into place. So now I can't move it at all unless I push in on the buttons. Just put your end cap back on. Now we're ready to get it on our roof.Now we can get our crossbar on our roof. Again, you wanna make sure that the side with the pad goes on the correct side. So I found the number that goes on the rear passenger side. I'm gonna get that other hook in place and then just set it down. Now we're gonna have to go grab our measuring tape so we can measure our crossbar spread. What we're gonna do is measure from the front of our front crossbar to the front of our rear one. Again you can find this measurement in your instructions. You wanna make sure you get it as close as possible on both sides. Scoot it up a little bit. Now we've already gone ahead and measured the other side, but you do wanna be sure that you go and double check 'em both before you start to tighten down.Now with our included tool we're gonna go ahead and start tightening down our roof rack system. You see the hook has a lot of slack right now, what we're gonna do on both sides is first tighten it up until that hook just is sitting at the bottom of the door jam to where it's not really tight at all, not even snug. We just want it resting right there. So we're gonna go until it gets to that point. This is just simply to make sure that it as a hold of something when you're tightening it down. It's making contact, there's no more slack. Let's go do the same on the other side. Now that we have both hooks just making contact with the bottom of our door frame, we're gonna go ahead and start tightening down. Now you don't wanna do all of that on one side and then go to the other, you wanna do a couple turns or a couple rotations on one side and then move to the other one. This is gonna ensure that it doesn't pull too much on one side when you're tightening down. Let's go ahead and go a couple rotations in. I'm gonna go to the other side.Now we have the other side tightened down all the way. I'm gonna show you how we knew it was tightened down all the way. We just kept going back and forth and then we heard those audible clicks that let's you know that it's torqued down to the correct specification that Thule has. We're gonna remove our tool. I'm gonna shut our door. Then you do wanna go ahead and give your roof rack just a quick shack and make sure that it's tight and it's secure. Then once you're done with all that, just put on your end caps and you're ready to load up your favorite Thule accessories and then hit the road.That's gonna do it for the test fit of the Thule Square Bar Crossbar Roof Rack System on our 2019 Hyundai Elantra.

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