Thule SquareBar Crossbars Installation - 2017 Ford Escape

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How to Install the Thule SquareBar Crossbars on a 2017 Ford Escape

Hey guys, today we have a 2017 Ford Escape, and we're going to do a test-fit of the Thule SquareBar crossbar roof rack system.Now this is a roof rack system that mounts to the raised side rails of your Ford Escape, and allows you to get your favorite accessories, whether you got a bike rack, a kayak carrier, or even a rooftop cargo box, get them up on your roof, so you can use them properly.Now this roof rack system's made from a couple different parts. Up top, we're going to have our 53-inch SquareBar crossbars, and Thule's actually redesigned these to make them suit the foot pack a little bit better instead of having a foot pack where it comes over the crossbar like that. They actually have an integrated channel right here, so that our raised rail feet can come in this slot, they don't wrap around our bar though. We're going to have more usability of the top bar.Now down here we're going to have the Evo raised side rail feet. These clamp on your raised side rails, and basically just connect the crossbars to your roof. We open up our foot, you'll just see we have our tightening bolt right here, and that's what clamps it down onto the side rail.

And with the end cap, you're going to see that we do have these pop locks right here, we can replace those with Thule lock cores, which are sold separately here at etrailer, and that'll just give you more security for your roof rack.Now the bottom underside of our clamp feet are going to have a nice rubber coating to them, so they don't harm or scratch the finish of your raised side rails.Now I'll go ahead and give you a couple clearance measurements. First from the top of our roof to the bottom of our SquareBar is going to be 2-inches flat. That's going to be plenty of space to get any clamp-on accessories under the crossbar without harming the finish of your roof. Now also, if you have a sunroof on your Escape, which this one does not, but if you do, it won't interfere with that system either. There's plenty of space for that sunroof to get open, but you want to keep in mind that if your sunroof is open, it might be a little tougher to get those accessories on.

So when loading the roof rack, it's just a good idea to have that sunroof closed.Now from the top of the roof to the top of our crossbar, it's going to be 2.75-inches, which that's something you want to keep in mind, because it's how much height you've added to the top of your roof, and that's important for any low-clearance situations.Now the roof rack's also going to have a 220-pound weight capacity, which is a bit more than some of your standard roof racks out there, so you're going to be able to get more up on your roof rack, but you do want to be sure to double-check with your Escape's owner's manual, to make sure the roof can handle that weight.Now that I've gone over some of those features, let's show you how it installs.Now like I said, this roof rack system is going to be a bit easier to assemble and install when compared to those clamp-on, where you gotta get the fit kit right, and then put the hook under your door frame. Now we do have the front bar installed, the second one's going to install and assemble the exact same way.It's going to just take a few seconds. All we gotta do is flip our crossbar over, make sure your end cap is off. I'm just going to grab our Evo Raised Rail feet, and just slide this part into the channel, all the way, put the end cap on, and then just like that, we're ready to put it on our roof.Now when getting this installed, it doesn't matter which way you put it, it's just going to be the same orientation either way. We'll reach across, get that first side on, just try to get it roughly in the spot you want.

And then, we'll just grab our tape measure and measure our crossbar spread.Now, there's no set measurement. You just want to make sure it's over 24-inches. Sometimes I'll just base it off of whatever accessory I'm hauling that day, so I'm going to go from the front of my back SquareBar to the front of my front SquareBar. And again, just make sure it's the same on both sides. Here we go.

Now do the other side. All right, now we can start tightening down.Now just a little friendly tip that I like to do when I'm installing these roof racks, is I'll push in on the foot pack as far as it'll go onto the side rail, and then I'll start tightening it down just with my finger, just until the point where it gets pretty snug. And from here, before we grab our tool to tighten it down all the way, we're going to actually grab our tape measure, and I'm going to measure our crossbar overhang, because you want to make sure that's even on both sides before we tighten it down all the way. It doesn't matter where you measure from, all I'm going to do is take my tape measure, just put it against the foot, go out to that, and we're going to make sure it's the same on the other side, and then tighten down the rest of the way.And the tool is actually going to let you know when you have it torqued all the way to what Thule specifies. So we're just going to keep going, we're just going to keep getting tighter and tighter. When you hear those audible clicks, that lets you know that it's tight enough, so we'll just grab our end cap and put it on. Once you do the other side, you're ready to load up your favorite Thule accessories and then hit the road.Well with all that being said, that's going to do it for our test fit of the Thule SquareBar crossbar roof rack system on our 2017 Ford Escape.

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