Thule MOAB Roof Top Cargo Basket Review - 2014 Ford Explorer

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Review of the Thule MOAB Roof Top Cargo Basket on a 2014 Ford Explorer

Today on our 2014 Ford Explorer we're going to be test fitting the Thule Mohave Rooftop Cargo Carrier, the mother of all baskets, part number TH690XT. With our Thule Rapids Crossroads Roof Rack system already installed on the Explorer, we'll begin our test fit by placing our cargo basket directly onto our load bars. We'll position our clamps just behind our load bars, we'll then go around and remove one of the bolts and wing nuts from each of the clamps. With all of them removed, we'll move our basket forward slightly, resting the top portion of our clamps onto the top of our load bars. We'll then reinsert the bolt in the lower portion of the clamp, swing it around, fit it up through the top portion of the clamp, and then thread on a wing nut. We can then tighten down the both the wing nuts on this clamp and it will be secure. We'll now move to the three remaining clamps and repeat that same tightening process.

With all eight of our wing nuts tight, we'll now take one of the black plastic covers and clip it onto each of our clamps. All that's left is to load our cargo basket with some gear or attach a few accessories and we're ready to hit the road. That will complete today's test fit of the Thule Mohave, part number TH690XT, on our 2014 Ford Explorer. .

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