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Thule MOAB Roof Top Cargo Basket Review - 2012 Kia Soul

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Review of the Thule MOAB Roof Top Cargo Basket on a 2012 Kia Soul

Today on our 2012 Kia Soul well be test fitting the Thule Moab roof carrier, part number TH690. To begin our test fit well set the carrier onto the load bars, swing the brackets underneath the load bars and secure with the grey knobs. It is crucial to get the basket perpendicular with the cross bars so that all the brackets will fit evenly and youll get a nice, secure hold. Once the basket is in place and tightened down, we can install our black clamp covers. That concludes todays test fit for the Moab roof carrier, part number TH690 on this2012 Kia Soul.

Michelle G.


I have a 2010 kia soul! with sunroof. do the roof top cargo baskets or boxes interfere with the sunroof operation? I realize it will cover it to some degree - Im ok with that - just wondering if I can still install one and open and close the sunroof. is it possible to install the basket off center to allow room for a bike rack? or would there be enough room on a rack w/50 load bars to have a bike rack on the sides of a centered cargo basket?thanks so much! you all do a great job on this site!michelle

Patrick B.


If the sunroof slides straight back within the roof, you should be able to still use it with the Thule MOAB part # TH690XT . However, it will probably be so noisy you will want to have it closed. If the sun roof only tilts open, it may not be able to function. Yes, the basket can be mounted off center to accommodate a bike rack just remember to load the basket accordingly. You want to keep weight as well centered over the roof as possible. The basket is about 41 inches wide, so at most you would probably only be able to fit one bike rack in addition to the basket on 50 inch bars, if any at all. This will depend on how the bike rack attaches and how far the bars extend beyond the towers. Keep in mind the weight involved. Many times, roofs that have sun roofs have a reduced weight capacity, so be sure and check your owner's manual.