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Thule Helium 2 Bike Platform Rack Review - 2020 Ford Escape

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Review of the Thule Helium 2 Bike Platform Rack on a 2020 Ford Escape

Howdy everyone, John here and today we're taking a look at the Thule Helium on our 2020 Ford Escape. This is gonna be a great wheel tire hold for your lighter bikes. So let's take a closer look. It's able to hold by the wheels, so any of your odd shaped frame or your carbon frames are gonna be perfect for this. And in my opinion, whenever it comes to handles for these arms, this is probably one of the best for the wheel hold type. It's going to be a little bit goofy to push down, but overall, once you get it, it's much easier to work with this than some others, like the Inno Tire Hold, which has it down here, so you have to hold onto the arms as you push forward and press the button at the same time.

So I like that. It also has a tilt away that's gonna be right underneath here. There's a little lever that you pull. Let it down. And that gives you the ability to get into the back of your vehicle.

Once we open this up, and just with that you're gonna be able to get your helmets, any water, and make sure you can get on your way. Now getting our bikes off is super simple. Like I showed you before, all you have to do is press that button right there. And even if like you're walking over to this side, you don't have to worry about holding onto the bike, 'cause this is still gonna hold it. And then you can find a good place to grab it.

This one's on there a little bit tight, so I'm gonna use my other hand. But it's nice that you can have the choice. And then you can just push that down and out of the way. Come to the front and then lift off your bike. Now all we have to do is push this out of the way.

And as you can see right here, we are going to have a locking system that pops out off the side, which is gonna be very useful. You can put that around your bike. And it's gonna be key to like with the rest of the locks on your bike rack. Another thing I wanna get is some length. It's going to be, let's see, 20, 25 and a half inches from the back of your Escape to the very back of the Thule. And that's pretty good compared to some of the other tire holds that we've had here. Now let's get some ground clearance. The furthest point down is going to be about 17 inches, which is also relatively good, but just keep that in mind whenever you're going up a steep hill, because as your front goes up your back will go down. Now like whenever we we're able to tilt it away, we're also able to fold it up. And as we fold it up, that's going to cut down the space that it's going to take up on the back of our vehicle, especially whenever we're trying to park somewhere. And it's gonna come out about 12 inches. So that's really good. It does come a little bit close to the actual vehicle, but it never touches. You're gonna have about, about an inch right here, so you can't get your hand fully in there. But if you're worried about that, or it's moving around at all, you can always put it in the down position. That's also something to keep in mind, 'cause it is going to be in the way of your license plate, along with your backup camera. So if you're somebody who really needs the backup camera, I recommend putting this down. So this is gonna be an inch and a quarter shank that's going to have an adapter for a two inch hitch as well. So let's say you have multiple types of vehicles that you're gonna have this on, that's gonna be useful for you. Considering it does have a lower weight capacity, it makes sense that it is gonna have that inch and a quarter set up. It's also gonna have an anti-rattle mechanism right here. And you can undo that very easily. It's gonna be lockable. So once you're finished tightening it up, you can make sure nobody will mess with it. But I just let it go. And right now it is moving around the shank. It has a lot of play. But I just take a second to tighten it up. It's easy to move 'cause it's very, very light. That's why it's called the Thule Helium. And once I have it fully tightened down, as you can see I'm moving it around, but I'm mostly moving the vehicle itself. If you're one to go with a bike rack that has a good setup for the wheel holds, I think this is a great choice. I think where they place the handles on the wheel hold is better than some, like the Inno Tire Hold. But overall I just feel that it doesn't really sell me on how low the weight capacity is compared to some of the other tire holds that are 60 pound, or the fact that it does feel a little bit more on the plasticy side with the arms and just some of the other components. I would personally go with something like the Kuat Piston Pro X if I was wanting to get something that I know and feel like my bike is going to be safe and secure on, but I also need a higher weight capacity. And that was a look at the Thule Helium on our 2020 Ford Escape. Thanks for watching..

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