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Thule Gateway Trunk Mount Bike Rack Review - 2011 Ford Fusion

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Review of the Thule Gateway Trunk Bike Rack on a 2011 Ford Fusion

Today, on our 2011 Ford Fusion, we'll be test-fitting the Thule Gateway 2-Bike Carrier, part number TH9006XT. To begin our test-fit we've already gone ahead and set our bike rack up according to the guide found within the instructions of the Gateway. We'll place it on top of our deck lid and take the nylon straps and hook them to the deck lid just behind the rear window. We'll then just snug them down to hold the bike rack in place. We can then take the side and bottom strap and hook it to the side of the deck lid as well as the bottom just above the rear bumper. We'll do that on both sides, but we'll go ahead and snug them down as well.

With that done, we can then work around, tightening down the nylon straps securing the bike rack to the vehicle. We'll now undo each arm here at the grey knob. We can them bring it up, making sure that they stay parallel with each other. With both arms up, we'll undo the straps to expose our cradles. We'll place the bike into the cradles and bring the straps around securing the bike to the bike rack.

That's it. Our bike is loaded. Were ready to head on down the road. That completes our test-fit of part number TH9006XT, the Thule Gateway 2-Bike Carrier on our 2011 Ford Fusion.