Thule Gateway Trunk Mount Bike Rack Review - 2007 Toyota Prius

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Review of the Thule Gateway Trunk Mount Bike Rack on a 2007 Toyota Prius

Today on our 2007 Toyota Prius we'll be test fitting the Thule Gateway trunk mounted two bike rack part number th9006xt. We'll begin our test fit but first setting the fit dial on the bike rake to number seven. This is according to the included instructions. We'll then place the bike rack up onto the vehicles rear hatch. We'll then loosen up the strap and put the top clips on the top portion of the rear hatch. We'll then put the side hooks for the side of the hatch and the bottom hooks for the bottom portion of the hatch.

We'll then tighten down the straps to secure the bike rack to the rear hatch. Once everything is all tightened down and secure we can use the included slack straps that secure the slack so that they won't flap while you're traveling down the road. With this done we're ready to load up our bike. We'll flip out the gray levers to swing the cradle arms up. The cradle arms do need to be level or slightly angled up to insure that your bike will ride correctly. We can now tighten down the gray levers and clamp them down to secure the cradle arms in place.

We can then undo the cradle straps, place our bike into the frame cradles and secure it with the straps. Now that our bike is all loaded up that will complete today's test fit for the Thule Gateway trunk mounted two bike rack part number th9006xt on our 2007 Toyota Prius. .

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