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Thule Roof Box Review - 2015 Toyota 4Runner

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Review of the Thule Roof Box on a 2015 Toyota 4Runner

Today on our 2015 Toyota 4Runner we're gonna be taking a look at the Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box. The Thule Force XT is a very premium style rooftop cargo box and it is gonna be a very good looking one as well. We're gonna have the black arrow skin which has a nice little texture to it. I like that compared to the glossy just because it doesn't scratch up as easy but this is gonna be a great storage solution for all of the seasons. And this is the biggest box that we carry. The Thule roof box is gonna be designed for a lot of different stuff.

If you want to carry some skis and snowboards in the winter with some winter gear, you got it. If you're just going to the campgrounds in the summer it's also gonna be able to hold all that kind of stuff. So whatever you really throw at it, you have 22 cubic foot of space to fill up. If you're a family that likes to travel maybe likes to bike, kayak, boat, or even just go to the slopes and ski. This is gonna get a lot of that stuff in there but we also have a lot of bar space.

So it's gonna have a width of 35 and a half inches. But what I do suggest if you do put more cargo or different accessories up on your roof I suggest just loading up one side. So you can still access the other side to get all your stuff out. If you have a SUV like we have here it's gonna look great on top of there especially with the trucks or even the minivans. But if you have something that's a little bit smaller like a smaller wagon, you have to remember.

It might dwarf it a little bit because it is such a big box. It's 90 and a half inches long. Etrailer does give you options though. This is the 22 cubic foot, but we also have a 18 and 16 and a 11, if you really dig the style of it, which I do this is a very unique pattern up on top with the black arrow skin that you don't really see with a lot of other boxes. Be mindful though, in your garage you do wanna make sure it's gonna be able to clear.

So from the top of your crossbar to the very top of the carrier, it's gonna add about 18 and three quarter inches to the height of your vehicle. We have locks included, but the main thing I wanna show off right now is the top and bottom part of the box. So they fit together very, very well. And this is gonna act as a seal. So when you go down, it's nice and tight. I can't even get my finger in there. So even if it's raining like crazy you're going down the highway at 70 miles an hour the rain's not gonna work its way in but also if you wanted to wash your car with this on here all that stuff on the inside is not gonna get wet. So all the stuff you put in here is gonna be nice and protected. It's also gonna protect your bars from any scratches. We have a sleeve made of rubber that goes around both of the clamps. So you're not gonna scratch your bars. One box I have to check when I'm looking for roof boxes is it needs to open on both sides. This makes it a lot easier when I'm packing up because some things I'm gonna keep in here for most of the trip and other things I need almost right away. So I pack one side with the stuff I need right away so I can access it pretty easily. Typically it's on the passenger side. So if I have to access it, whenever I'm on the road I'll be away from the road. If I pull off on the right shoulder but this is something that's super, super convenient. So you can really strategize where you put all your stuff so you can grab what you need when you need it and not have to shuffle through all of it. The whole entire box can be made of ABS plastic. It's gonna resist against the UV rays. So it's not gonna fade over time. I like that because I typically just keep this thing on my vehicle because it looks cool but it's really quick to take on and off. So if you just wanna have it on your vehicle when you're using it, take it off. It's very, very quick and easy. Thule's little quick clamp system is super, super easy. Your kids could do it. So if you wanna see us put it on and tighten those things down, stick around we're gonna show you. Before we put the box up on our roof you might have to adjust your crossbar spread to make sure you're at the right amount of distance. Just measure from the center of one crossbar to the center of the other. Right now we have an aftermarket roof rack on our vehicle. It's gonna work with your arrow bars like this it'll work with the round bars. It'll also work with your square bars as well. And if you do have a factory roof rack it fits most factory roof racks. So you really don't have to worry about changing up your bars most likely. A lot of you are wondering if the Thule Force XT is gonna work with your vehicle. If you have a roof rack on top of your vehicle, it's gonna work. Now that we have the crossbar spread to where we need them. We just need to grab this. It's about 52 pounds. I'm not the strongest man in the world but I can get it done by myself. It will be a very easy task if you do have a friend, but it is doable. If you want to prepare the vehicle by yourself before everybody shows up with all the gear, grab it at the bottom and just put one edge of it up on your bars. And then you can kind of slide it up into place. Just like that. It's time to kind of take a step back make sure it's centered up on our roof. And another thing too, you do want to open up your hatch cause we want to get the hatch to clear when it's fully open. So we're not disabling our vehicle. So lift that hatch up. The way I have the crossbar set up on our forerunner here, we're not really getting the hatch clearance that I'm really wanting but we do have a pretty large spectrum to work with when it comes to our crossbar spread. So what I'm gonna do is make this bar go all the way up to the front and then I'm gonna hit that minimum crossbar requirement. And it should be around here. And that should give us the clearance that I need. With a little bit of maneuvering we move the bars all around a little bit and now we have a perfect gap. So we can open up our hatch. Now that that's all set up we don't have to do it next time. So everything's set up for the next trip we take. Grab your key and put it in there. It's only gonna unlock with the key and then you can't take it out when it's unlocked. So that's nice. So if you see the key in there, it's not locked. So let's go ahead and open this up. We can open it up with both sides and now we're gonna put our clamps into place. What you wanna do with these lefty Lucy, to get them to open up and notice these little tabs here. Once we put 'em in, they're gonna snap into place. We can adjust this little track right here. So let's slide it all the way down to where this is right on the center of our crossbar. And this is where the little tabs are gonna go on the end. So we're gonna put these in and then we can push this down into that little spot and it'll snap in. And the nice thing about these knobs is we can tighten down and it will click whenever they're nice and tight. So you don't have to guess, this is really nice 'cause you don't have to worry about over tightening it. It' ll start clicking like that. And then we can move on to the others. We're ready to load up. But if you want to use these straps, we have three of them and there's gonna be a point where we can tie things down inside, but you do wanna put 'em in first. We're gonna have six different tie-downs three on each side. And what we wanna do is take the open end go underneath and go underneath the other one and pull it through. We wanna put these down first because we want this strap to be underneath and then we can put the open end somewhere else so we can lay everything down and then tie 'em all up. This is just gonna make sure that they're not gonna shift whenever you're going down the road. I always use these with my skis and snowboards. The interior dimensions is gonna be 85 and a half inches long about 31 inches wide. And it's going to have a height of 16 and three quarters inches. This is gonna be pretty useful whenever you're packing stuff up. There's a lot of different situations we can do but something that's kind of easy to think about, a standard airline bag for six people will fit if you go lengthwise like this. We're going through a couple mixtures of baggage. So we're gonna start with some skis and snowboards. If you are going to haul these type of things you wanna put them in first. And these are the ones that I strap down. So let's see how much space we have. I'm gonna start with the board bindings facing up. We're gonna be able to fit about three to five snowboards and five to seven skis. And the overall length that is gonna be the max for your skis and snowboards is gonna be 215 centimeters, which is a pretty long ski. So I think the whole family will have smaller skis than that, but that's the max. So let's set these up, throw 'em in there. Depending on what kind of bindings and stuff that you have, you might have a better way of kind of situating all of them. Ideally I can just have 'em balancing on top like this so I can get 'em really smushed together. Now we just have to use this cam buckle right here tighten it up, make sure it goes over all the skis and get it nice and tight. And we're gonna have three straps. And with this completely tighten down, I really don't think they're really gonna shift around much at all. Especially when we put more stuff on top. So I got everything all strapped down. One thing I do suggest depending on your vehicle we have different ways to get up higher so we can load those things. We have one that goes around your wheel which would be great for the 4Runner, but a lot of the cars and stuff that doesn't really fit in the wheel well, and or the wheel is a little far away from our box. But since it's so big I think most vehicles would benefit from the wheel mount. But we also have a Moki doorstep, which just goes on the little piece right here that our door latches to, that'll just help you get some of that stuff up if you're doing it by yourself. We have a couple of book bags in here. We have a tent, we have some skis, snowboards and also a hiking pack. It's kind of a lot of stuff, definitely enough to satisfy everybody that can fit in this car. It's like a five passenger. We still have more room for more stuff. Once we're done loading up, we can take the strap which on both sides makes it easy to do from the side of the vehicle. Make sure it's nice and flat. And then we can go ahead, lock it in, pull that key out. When that key gets removed, you know that it's locked. We took it out on the highway. I did not hear anything inside the vehicle and we have plenty of clearance for our sunroof so I can tilt it open. We don't have any issues with that. I can also bring it all the way back and we also don't have any clearance issues, which is nice. One thing I do like about it though is I can look up and I know it's connected so I know all my stuff is nice and safe. And that's pretty much it for our look at the Thule Force XT XXL Rooftop Cargo Box on our 2015 Toyota 4Runner..

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