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Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box Review - 2014 Toyota Prius v

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Review of the Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box on a 2014 Toyota Prius v

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer, and today, we're taking a look at our Thule Force XT L Rooftop Cargo Box on our 2014 Toyota Prius v. Now, this is gonna be a quick look at how the box works with this specific vehicle. If you want an in depth look at the box, check out my full product review here at, especially the segment how much stuff can you stuff in stuff. The Thule Force XT L is on the smaller end of the Thule Force series, which means if fits really well on the Toyota Prius v. I like how I can still see through the window, I don't see the box at all, and I can open up my hatch with this box. So we'll talk about that, we'll take some measurements, talk about capacities, and what types of cargo you can carry with this box.

The exterior length of the box is 74 3/4 inches long, which means I didn't have to put too much work to making sure it would fit with my hatch, there's plenty of clearance from the back part of my hatch to the back of the box, in fact, there is 17 inches of clearance there. So even if I wanted to get the Thule Force XT XL, it would still fit. You also have these very low-profile clamps that go around the crossbar, even if you had the panoramic roof, you'd still be able to have clearance there, it's not gonna scratch up your roof, especially with an aftermarket roof rack that sits higher up. This is a dual access box, you can open it on whichever side you want, so if you're not using accessories, go ahead, put it in the center, that way, it's accessible on both sides. Once you have your key in there, you just flip it to unlock, and then lift up on the box, and you can see that we have plenty of space here for all types of different cargo.

So we have updated dimensions here at on our product page, so you can compare our exterior and our interior dimensions with your cargo to see if it fits. The main or I guess the key point really is the height of your cargo. So from this opening, we have about 13 1/2 inches of height, and that's gonna be the maximum height you can load up your cargo. So if you have suitcases or extra large bags, keep that in mind, you won't be able to close your box on top of them. So this is actually pretty easy to install, we have the Thule Quick-Grip mounting clamps that go from the top of your box and then clamp around your crossbars.

You also have included straps and then anchor points inside of the box, that way, you can strap down your cargo and prevent things from sliding around. In terms of weight capacity, you're actually more limited by the weight of your cargo and your roof weight capacity. For example, my roof rack has a roof weight capacity of 165 pounds, with this box weighing 41 pounds, that leaves me just a little over 120 pounds for my cargo. Now, you really don't wanna be lifting heavy things up on top of your roof anyways, but keep your roof weight capacity in mind when you're planning things out. So I personally like the Thule Force XT compared to something like the Thule Motion, because of its matte finish.

So we have this black, they call it diamond skin, because it's a diamond pattern, and that means even if you scratch it, you run up against trees, you hit rocks, there's impacts on the road, it will hold up. It is also made of a rugged ABS construction, similar to what you'd find on your spoiler of your car, and that means it keeps that aerodynamicness while trying to stay lightweight. You still have space up here actually for your other accessories that are on the smaller side. Measuring from the end of the box to before the end cap, there's still 16 inches there, maybe if you have a smaller kayak or a really thin bike rack. So my personal thoughts about the Thule Force XT is I really like how it fits. I do wish it was a little bit taller for the type of cargo that I would be carrying, which is taller suitcases, but if you need to carry around your skis and you wanna make sure that everything's enclosed and protected, this is a great way to do so. I would even look into the Thule Force XT XL if you wanna actually maximize your space, or look at the Sport version if you wanna carry around other accessories like kayaks or bike racks. And that right there was a look at the Thule Force XT L Rooftop Cargo Box here on the 2014 Toyota Prius v. My name is Evangeline, and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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