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Thule Echelon Roof Bike Rack Review - 2008 Toyota Camry

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Review of the Thule Echelon Roof Bike Rack on a 2008 Toyota Camry

Today, on our 2008 Toyota Camry, we'll be test-fitting the Thule Eschelon roof-mounted bike carrier, part number TH518. Now, our Camry's already equipped with the Thule traverse roof rack system, so were ready to load our Eschelon. We'll begin by placing the bike rack on top of our crossbars in a location suitable for us. We'll make sure that the head of the bike rack is directly over the front cross bar where we can then take the rear mount of the Eschelon and make sure if it's over the rear crossbar. We'll then simply run the clamp underneath the crossbar and loosely fasten the wing nut to the bolt. We'll then move forward to the head of the bike rack.

We'll rotate the clamp, slide it into the bike rack, and make sure that it runs underneath the cross bar. We'll then use an Allen wrench to tighten down the two Allen bolts to the clamp securing the head of the bike rack to the front cross bar. We'll move back to the rear crossbar while we ensure that the bike rack is perpendicular with our crossbars and then tighten down the two wing nuts securing the rear of the bike rack. Now that our bike rack is secured, we'll go ahead and open up the rear wheel strap and make sure that the front skewer is open. We can then place the bike into the bike rack making sure that the front fork of our bike rack falls in the skewer.

We can then adjust the skewer and tighten it down, securing the bike to the bike rack. We'll move toward the back wheel where we'll put the strap through the wheel and secure it on the other side. That's it. Our bike is loaded. We're ready to head on down the road.

That completes our test-fit of the Thule Eschelon roof-mounted bike carrier, part number TH518, on our 2008 Toyota Camry.