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Thule Camber 4 Bike Rack Review - 2014 Toyota Prius v

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Review of the Thule Camber 4 Bike Rack on a 2014 Toyota Prius v

Hey, everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at how the Thule camber 4-bike hanging rack fits on our 2014 Toyota Prius v. If you wanna carry around a lot of bikes without taking up a lot of space, that's when you might be interested in a hanging rack, like the Thule camber. The camber sits a little bit lower compared to some other hanging racks. That way you still have really good visibility out of your rear window of your Prius v.

But also whether you have an inch and a quarter hitch, or a two inch hitch, this will fit with it. So we'll talk about weight capacities, as well as how it sits on your Prius v. That way you can make a decision for what is the best bike rack for you, your different types of bikes, and your car. So your Prius v can carry around a lot of people and a lot of cargo. But did you know you can also carry around a lot of bikes, if you have the right bike rack So the Thule camber will let you carry around a lot of bikes, but it works well with the Prius v in that it doesn't cover the rear window even with the bikes on, and you have good ground clearance.

So we'll talk about how it fits, and then that way you can make a decision for if it's the right fit for you. Now first make sure you have the right hitch for your Prius v. If you have an inch and a quarter hitch it has to be class two, and most of the inch and a quarter options for the v are only class one. So I have the two inch Eco-Hitch, which is why I have the weight capacity to carry around this bike rack and these spikes. Keep that in mind.

If you have a class one hitch, you cannot carry more than two bikes. This has a 37 1/2 pound weight capacity per bike, which allows you to carry even bikes of slightly more weight than your regular bike rack. But you can also carry those different sizes and shapes too. So we have our kids' bike here, using our frame adapter bar we are able to carry it around. So for those kids' bikes, women's frames, to step-through frames, alternate frame bikes, check out our frame adapter bar options.

Now let's take our bike off, and we have 1, 2, 3 mountain points. So two are going to be for your top tube, or your frame adapter bar. And the third is going to be your anti-sway for either your seat post or your down tube. So we'll take the straps off by pressing the lever, and lifting up on the straps. See where our handle bars, our pedals, our wheels are, and how they're all aligned It's gonna be a little bit of trial and error on your part just to make sure that all your bikes fit on this rack. But good thing, you have some extra features to make it easier. We'll talk about that later. To demonstrate the anti-sway, you can fold it in when you're loading and unloading your bikes, and you can see how much swaying you have with this attached, which isn't much at all. And then let's loosen this strap. Now we have a fair bit more sway with our bikes. So now that the bikes are off, we can now take our specs and measurements. So measuring for the length added to the back of our Prius v. I'm gonna measure from our bumper to the end of the rack, and this sits at 43 inches of length. So it is gonna be longer compared to some of our other hanging style racks. So if you have limited space in your garage, or trying to park into a really tight spot, remember that measurement. The reason the arms are so long is because the cradles are seven inches apart, which is really good because most bike racks are limited to five inches apart. So the increased distance has less likely of colliding or collision for your bikes, plus slightly easier for you to put the bikes on and take them off. So there's a slight incline of the arms, but even then it does not go over halfway of our rear window. So we still have almost full visibility through the rear window, even with bikes on, plus our taillights are visible, and our back of camera is offset to the driver's side. So the bike's off, you have almost full visibility, and with the bike's on still a usable visibility. If you're not planning on going out for a bike ride just yet, or if you need to get the arms down, so you can fit into your garage with the bikes off, you can fold the arms down. There's a lever here in the back, just pull that lever, and bring this down, and it snaps back into place. The length now added from the back of our car is from the bumper to the end of the bike rack by the cradles, 13 inches. Big difference compared to when the arms we're up. You'll definitely want it in this position when you're just planning on driving around town, and you don't wanna take up too much space. Well, what if you need to gain access to all that cargo space in your Prius v Well, with a bike up like this, you can't open up your hatch. So you are gonna have to take the bikes off, fold the arms down, and then you can tilt the rack away. There's this lever right here, pull that, and push out on that bike rack. And now you have plenty of clearance to get into your hatch. So this has an inch and quarter shank for those inch and quarter class two hitch receivers. I have a two inch hitch on my Prius v, so it fits that two, this included adapter. And it has an anti-rattle bolt that goes in on one side. So what it does is it helps decrease that side to side shake of the bike racks. So your bikes are not swinging around. But I did notice those with that adapter piece, there's a little bit of up and down movement. Especially noticeable when you go up those speed bumps. The ground clearance is the height of your hitch receiver. So measure from your hitch receiver to the ground, and we have 10 and a quarter inches. It's gonna be almost the same for the arms. This is gonna be 11 inches off the ground. So that way, even though you have longer arms you're not hurting yourself for ground clearance. So my personal thoughts about the Thule camber is I really like how it looks. Especially with a Prius v, it has a utilitarian look with how it sits lower to the ground. And that way you still have the visibility through your rear window. The downside really is that adapter. With the two inch hitch we have, and the up and down movement because of that adapter, I am not the biggest fan. I prefer a two inch shank, so it has a tighter fit. So for options like that you may wanna check out something like the CURT premium bike rack. You don't have the same comfort features, like a distance apart for the cradles, but they're also closer together to make it easier for those different shaped bikes. So it's really, what types of features are you looking for, and what do you need for your adventures And this right here was a look at the Thule camber 4-bike hanging rack on our 2014 Toyota Prius v..

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